Victoria is fundraising for Red Nose Day with Hair today Gone Tomorrow

Please, please, please help my Very good friend, Vickie raise as much as she can for this amazing charity. Just click on the link at the bottom of the page, choose your currency wherever you are in the world, and make a pledge. Your donation will be added to her running total so you can check her progress I have started her off but there is a long long way to go, 

If you live anywhere near sittingbourne kent Uk Don’t forget to come into Morrisons Sittingbourne on Friday 15th March 2013 and watch her lose her precious locks for lots of lolly!!

If you don’t and want to donate.. and see the end result… rest assured I will be posting pics here   (how can I resist not to )  Seriously she has such lovely long hair and I think if she is willing to lose the lot and go right down to the wood..

(that’s shaved smooth as a babies bum to those who have no idea what I am talking about)

  I think its worth a few quid, dollars or what every you want to donate… you can choose your amount…    even if its only very small Every penny does count…
It will even be doubled because her employers have agreed to match every penny she raises…

so please…

If you can donate…

If you can blog about it…

share it…

Post about it…  

Spread the word…
She has a facebook event as well so please share that if you can..

Facebook Event

Victoria Preston is fund-raising for Red Nose Day. click the link below to donate via just giving… (see it is a pukka charity event) 🙂

Vickies poster on her work noticeboard.

Vickies poster on her work noticeboard.


1 3 4 cover



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