If I could tell you in a paragraph what I have been up to this whole time I would. But that is just ridiculous. I am the worst blogger in the history of all bloggers. I know. I offer my apologies.

Here’s the deal.

In the past I would have said Facebook had RUINED my blog because I post constantly to the FB and neglect the old blog.

It’s unfortunate because I can go into so much detail with the blog as opposed to the facebook.

But if the truth be known even facebook has not drawn me into the internet world as much as it used to…

I am so sorry blog for my neglect.

 Blame the kids who are always on the pc……. blame the Easter holidays spent with two  children under 10  taking me away from you.

Blame the fact that sometimes I just can’t be arsed to write,  Actually that is probably the most truthful if I’m honest!

I am the worlds greatest procrastinator and kept telling myself I will update tomorrow Anyway that’s my apologies out of the way………… The next post will be about the stuff I have been up to.




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