I’m Back with a vengance……… Well when I get a chance to get on the pc.

Many apologies , As well as having major internet problems so I could only connect with my phone for ages and my phone hated WordPress :/

I also now have the problem of two kids getting on my pc constantly so the only chance I get to go online is around midnight when I am ready to collapse at the end of the day.

And I had to reclaim my blog……. I couldn’t log in at all, trying to explain that I have been doing this blog for years and could tell them what was in nearly every post… reclaiming a blog from WordPress is not easy…  It kept telling me my email address was no longer active………  Buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…..  It works fine….

Anyway I am back after a fashion I do confess time is limited as it is the summer break for the kids……..

So what’s been happening……
Where do I start………. We have been away to camp with the scout group…………. (pics below)
The one who shall not be named but was always talking bollocks and has the most obnoxious non disciplined child going has now finally moved and life is so much quieter..

Amber’s Boyfriend…….. A lovely lad NOT… had a row with her and started off shouting at us to get out and threw a handful of stones at our front room window causing loads of cracks and chips,  so big window needs replacing.  he then smashed the back windscreen on my car…… the back side window… kicked the side in all down the driver’s side and jumped up and down on my bonnet..   he then threw a stone (well actually it was a concrete ornament from the garden across the road from us)  through the back window of the landrover…… 

So  in a nutshell
We have been out and about, 
We all went to the great adventure scout camp out………  🙂
My name is Falcon when I help out at the scouts as an occasional helper.
We also collect cardboard and newspapers every Tuesday and Wednesday on behalf of the scouts…… this takes us usually from when we drop the boys at school in the morning until its time to go and collected.. them… on average we are collecting,. flat packing etc stacking in van  and then unpacking and taking to the recycle point and putting it all in a designated skip for cardboard… usually we get about 3/4 of a tonne  so hard work really..

Alex and the school team reached the Finals in the Swale Schools Cricket tournament, It was a long day for him but he did fantastic and is now the proud owner of a lovely silver medal,

I did a sugar craft course and made a few bits……..  I have a wedding cake to make so wanted to be able to do some bits for it.. 

we spent 6 hours stuck in traffic due to very poor management, to get to the Manston Airshow I was not a happy bunny, being stuck for 6 hours not even moving.. so was a 7 hour trip altogether.,  with a chatty 9 yr old… and Autistic 7 yr old  who doesnt do waiting or queuing, A diabetic disabled pensioner and a stressed partner was not good..  thankfully I had packed a picnic for the day so that was eaten before we even got there….    when we did the first port of call was of course the toilets…..  we had missed the majority of the show and the boys just did some water zorbing before we left..  to go home again… time to get home 3/4 hour……..   demand for refund of ticket in the post…
We have been to a few fun days where the boys made smoothies with  a bike and  built-in blender ,
We have had sports day where again Alex won a medal for coming second..  He joined the cricket club and athletics club after school so loves all this kind of stuff.
We Took Ali to wormshill and bredgar railway for a birthday treat.  again we go every year for his birthday and he loves going..

After the scout camp out where they had bike riding activities and of course Alex couldn’t do it because he didn’t know how to ride a bike.. (Yes I know i am a bad mummy but I dont let the boys play out so he never had a chance to really ride a bike ) 

So Anyway………….. We took Alex to the park to teach him how to ride his bike… it took him about 4 mins and that was it he was off riding round the park,  so a trip to halfords later and he has a shiny new bike 🙂 we had promised the boys when they could ride a bike properly we would buy a brand new one …   I knew We never should have promised that one lol
we have now put stabilisers on the smaller bike we had that Alex learnt on  for Ali.We had to order some special ones to fit the size of the wheel and of course take the weight of a larger child but sadly his lack of co-ordination and visual problems have made it rather hard for him :/ but we will keep trying… Plan B is if he can’t learn to ride a bike get him a proper scooter.  not the micro one like he has but a good one with pneumatic tyres and proper brakes…..  we will see how he goes.

So in a nutshell that is about it…
Hopefully I have made sure that my blog will stay safe from now on and I will be able to log in…,  Our internet access will be ok after a replacement of three faulty modems…….  and my kids don’t spend every second that we are indoors on the computer……. 

I will catch up on everything and I’m really sorry to the lovely Jodi I have read your books and thought they were fantastic… and will get the reviews written asap 🙂
So until the next time………………………..
Here is a little collection of pics……