Re In the beginning: (Re-Post) I thought I would go back to 29 Aug 2009

And not much has changed really, I neglected my blog then in the holidays……
Not a great deal has changed.. We still miss Jakesy , the dark wood flooring we spent fortunes on has seen better days now but I still like it……..  the rest of the house still needs decorating… and we still are members of English Heritage and still getting our moneys worth out of the membership. and Im still apologising for not blogging often.
anyway… back to 2009………..


Yes I know I haven’t posted in ages, But in my defence it’s been the school holidays and I’ve had so much going on in my life at the moment.


Since the last time I posted I have lost a very good friend and neighbour, It wasn’t an easy funeral to go to but I’m so happy that it was so packed there. He was really loved in this village.. It’s still a bit raw but I will post about him when I’m feeling more with it and ready and have more time to devote to him.


We had a staycation this year. Instead of spending money we don’t have on going away for a week or so and having nothing but a few photo’s to show we decided to crack on with the decorating and get things done how we wanted them instead of the cheap option if that makes sense. The flooring is all done in the front room. and its lovely. I love the dark wood but at over £30 a pack it costs fortunes to do the whole hallway and front room..


In fact the front room is done now apart from the putting away of all the decorating equipment on my shelves where the printer and scanner are going to go in my work corner (god I cant wait for the pc to be up and running again) oh and he needs to do the edges of my workstation it was made out of some black marble counter top but the edges still need finishing off. oh and the door frame still needs glossing. but hey the radiator is back on the wall now so that’s a bonus. i had visions of freezing in the winter because it was going to be one of the jobs that he never got round to.


Alex and Ali watched a program on the tv about 5 weeks ago about castles and ruins and have had a fascination about them ever since so that solved the problem of where to take them on days out. They are not lovers of rides so the amusement parks were out. and to be honest both of them are to small for most of the rides anyway.


So I joined English Heritage and we have been to all the local castles in the Kent and Sussex area’s Dover castle being the favourite so far. we went there three times. So I have had my moneys worth out of the English heritage membership fee with just that one castle as it would have cost nearly £40 for us all to go once. and the membership was only £89 we did the great tower on one trip alone with the military museum and the perimeter and other bits on another trip and the secret war tunnels on another trip. It was too much all on one day so we divided it up and went once a week.. and no doubt will be going back again.. maybe in the spring. we have been to many other castles and ruins as well.


yesterday we went to Upnor castle. which IMO was a little disappointing. it’s advertised as being a place you can get married in or have naming ceremonies but in actual fact there is no way i would want to get married there. (not that i want to get married) as the function room is right at the top of the spiral staircase.. as with most castles.. nice and steep and there is no way i can see any bride being able to navigate the staircase in a long dress and trail. but the kids loved it. which is the main point. Ali is not keen on all the spiral staircases on any of the castles but Alex loves them as they lead him to the top of the towers … ok going down them he is not keen them but you have to do one to do the other.


It’s August bank holiday weekend this weekend and we are having a BBQ with some friends over tomorrow. so i hope it doesn’t rain. So far I can’t complain about the summer at all.. its been lovely apart from the lack of rain for the garden so having to water like mad to keep the veg and fruit and flowers alive.


not looking forward to Monday though as it would have been Michael’s 25th Birthday. Yes I still think of him everyday and another advantage of not being with the ex is i can at least grieve in the open if that makes sense as Allan knows about him where as my ex didn’t


Another Milestone over the summer was getting Ali out of nappies yes day and night.. it took 3 days to get him dry at night and we have never had an accident. poor kid he was probably ready to come out of them ages ago. I’m a lazy mummy when it comes to potty training so leave it until they can understand when they need to go. I can’t be doing with running around with little ones with a potty. It happened because they were playing in the garden in the paddling pool with nothing on and Ali ran in and used the big toilet.. tiddled and ran out again… hmmm i thought so never put a nappy on him the rest of the day.. and yes he used the loo every time he needed to go.. no prompting at all. that evening he went for a tiddle before bedtime. I put a nappy on him and we had a protest anyway in the morning he woke up came straight downstairs ripped the dry nappy off and pee’d for England .. this went on for three nights.. and then i decided sod it wont bother with a nappy.. and yes he has been dry day and night ever since.. no accidents one kid in pants… and no asking do you need a wee all the time. he just asks even when we are out… this is the easiest kid ever out of all my kids and they have all been really good. again because I guess I have always left it until they were about three…


well i will blog again with more details about bits and pieces in this post no doubt when Alex is back at school and life has returned to some sort of normality


If life in this household ever did have normality in the first place.


3 more weeks of summer break left…….. Time is flying so quickly

I can’t get over how quick these summer holidays are going……… 
We are taking the boys out as much as we can on very limited funds…

Thankfully having membership to English Heritage and Hornby  and Wildwood, has saved us fortunes as we can do day trips out, take a picnic and all it really costs us is some fuel money..

We have been to our local pool on a regular basis,  Plus we got the boys a 10ft x 4ft pool for the garden so they could cool down when it got really hot.

DSCN8200 DSCN8207

we have taken them to Hornby for make and paint days again and of course the spitfire museum and raf manston museum… all regular places we visit.

We also have started going to the local car cruise’s  where all the people take their cars to show them off, the one we went to at the beginning of the month was at Dockside.  its held on the first thursday of every month and this is definitely going to be a regular with us now if we can afford the fuel to get there.

1116259_555498441177915_334021406_o DSCN8228 DSCN8248 DSCN8272

One of the treats we did take them to was Lydden Hill Race Track Drifting Championships,  Ok I admit I got the tickets given to me but hey it was a treat for us.. and we loved it… we were babysitting a friends 9 month old little girl Shelby~Anne for the weekend so she came with us as well,  The boys loved it and I have to admit so did I, I am and always have been a bit of a petrol head but its been a long time since I have been to Lydden, in actual fact I used to go to the motorbike races there years ago. 

DSCN8720 - Copy

Alex making a fuss of shelby

DSC_0716 DSC_0747 DSCN8522 DSCN8588

Anyway we will definitely be going back I think the next drifting is going to be in October. 

We Also took Shelby~Anne out with us to wildwood the next day,  Apart from the boys arguing who was going to push the buggy we had a great day and despite the threat of rain from the weatherman we had a lovely day.

Boys by the wildwood sign

Boys by the wildwood sign

Picnic Lunch

Picnic Lunch

Ali's Turn

Ali’s Turn

Alex having his turn at pushing the buggy

Alex having his turn at pushing the buggy

Adders  there are three here all curled up together

Adders there are three here all curled up together

Other than that we have taken the boys up the park to ride their bikes…. Well Alex ride his bike…

Ali has no co-ordination to ride a bike, even with stabilises fixed on it which are designed for disabled children he struggles so I’m holding off actually buying him a new bike, we were considering getting him a bmx type scooter as he seemed to be able to manage riding the micro scooter he had before it broke.   
and they have begged us to have days staying in at home so they can play Minecraft on the pc’s

So………….. that’s the last two weeks of the Holiday………. As I said 3 More weeks to go


My Review of Darn Good Eats: The Cookbook for Creative Chefs and Reluctant Cooks by Jodi Ambrose.

This Book I was really looking forward to reading from the second I got it…
For five reasons..
1. I love food..
2. My other half was a chef in a previous life.
3. I love to cook but hate cooking every day mundane things
4. Her two other books I have read kept me in fits of laughter and I really wanted to know how the hell she could even come close to them especially with a cook book that didn’t include KY jelly and squirty cream as major ingredients
5.  I love food… have I mentioned that?

I was not disappointed in the least… I found this book great… we have worked out way through a lot of the recipes and so far found nothing that we didn’t both enjoy making or eating.

Its simple to follow yet also kept the official chef of the household,  who never cooks at home because it is beneath his chef standing,   equally pleased with the recipes….  I loved the fact that every recipe has an amusing background storyline to it…..

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys food, laughter and even cooking.
I can also recommend this book to anyone who enjoys food, laughter and hates cooking.
It’s a cookbook every household should own…… even if it’s the only cookbook in the house.
Jodi  has really excelled herself with this one.


My Review of Sex: How to Get More of It by Jodi Ambrose

After Reading the book aimed at women I just had to read Jodi’s book giving her advice to men as well..
Of course I was woman enough to admit I have seen some of my flaws pointed out in “Intimacy how to get more of it”,  and I wanted to see what her advice to the guys was as well….   Well of course, I needed to know if she was going to be as fair to us
What can I say She certainly knows what the majority of women want from their relationship.. what we want from our menfolk..
Put in a nutshell  she is Spot on…….. 
Guys if you follow her advice…   both you and your woman are going to be very happy……..  VERY HAPPY!!
It’s not just about what you can give to her it’s also about what buttons you can press to make her please you… and of course we all know that is the main reason a man is going to read this book
This book is short and sweet and yes there is some potty mouth in it, but we are talking about sex and consenting adults and being adults,  don’t tell me you don’t know all the naughty words already… Don’t tell me you are shocked about the subject  of sex and the so-called  potty mouth descriptions  because… Man you are reading a book on sex……. we already know that you are dirty minded already………

This book had me in fits of laughter because there were so many things I could relate to and see the funny side.. 
My other half read it and agreed that a lot of the content  may actually work to his advantage
And yes he has paid a lot of attention to what he has read… 😉
I am certainly not complaining……… Nuff said……..

I highly recommend you buy this for your man
As a present to yourself………
and Men if you are single…



Put into action……….

You may not be single for much longer………

sex how to get more of it

My review of intimacy how to get more of it………. By Jodi Ambrose

What can I say this is one of the most Brilliant, informative, enjoyable and entertaining books I have read in a very very long time.


To be honest I was laughing my way through it…


It really did give full meaning to the LOL,


My other half kept looking over at me with that look of… come on it can’t be that funny… But it was……… totally hilarious in some places, Jodi has a really descriptive way of putting things… very down to earth…


That’s not to say that it wasn’t full of lots of fantastic advice… it honestly is full of what is really down to earth common sense when it comes to relationships, the thing is until you read this book you don’t actually realise that yes that’s where I went wrong in previous relationships….


The scary thing is you may actually realise that everything wasn’t all “HIS” fault and that you may have even been to blame for some of the breakdown in the relationship .


Not that any sane woman would ever admit that fact.


Well I’m not going to… well not to him anyway lol

If you are boring, straight-laced, prim and proper and have an avid dislike of potty mouth.. then this book really isn’t for you.


Not that you would need it anyway as you are probably single and always will be 😉

For every other woman… I would say it is a must have must read!!

You wont be able to put it down.


MY apologies as this review is long overdue as I haven’t had the chance to get on the internet to do it…