My Review of Sex: How to Get More of It by Jodi Ambrose

After Reading the book aimed at women I just had to read Jodi’s book giving her advice to men as well..
Of course I was woman enough to admit I have seen some of my flaws pointed out in “Intimacy how to get more of it”,  and I wanted to see what her advice to the guys was as well….   Well of course, I needed to know if she was going to be as fair to us
What can I say She certainly knows what the majority of women want from their relationship.. what we want from our menfolk..
Put in a nutshell  she is Spot on…….. 
Guys if you follow her advice…   both you and your woman are going to be very happy……..  VERY HAPPY!!
It’s not just about what you can give to her it’s also about what buttons you can press to make her please you… and of course we all know that is the main reason a man is going to read this book
This book is short and sweet and yes there is some potty mouth in it, but we are talking about sex and consenting adults and being adults,  don’t tell me you don’t know all the naughty words already… Don’t tell me you are shocked about the subject  of sex and the so-called  potty mouth descriptions  because… Man you are reading a book on sex……. we already know that you are dirty minded already………

This book had me in fits of laughter because there were so many things I could relate to and see the funny side.. 
My other half read it and agreed that a lot of the content  may actually work to his advantage
And yes he has paid a lot of attention to what he has read… 😉
I am certainly not complaining……… Nuff said……..

I highly recommend you buy this for your man
As a present to yourself………
and Men if you are single…



Put into action……….

You may not be single for much longer………

sex how to get more of it


2 thoughts on “My Review of Sex: How to Get More of It by Jodi Ambrose

  1. HOLY MOLY!!! You have officially made my weekend wonderful and aweseome and I’m so happy you liked the book. I want to reach out and squish you with a huge hug!!! Thank you so much…honest to goodness, my heart truly is all warm and fuzzy now. Much love!!!

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