3 more weeks of summer break left…….. Time is flying so quickly

I can’t get over how quick these summer holidays are going……… 
We are taking the boys out as much as we can on very limited funds…

Thankfully having membership to English Heritage and Hornby  and Wildwood, has saved us fortunes as we can do day trips out, take a picnic and all it really costs us is some fuel money..

We have been to our local pool on a regular basis,  Plus we got the boys a 10ft x 4ft pool for the garden so they could cool down when it got really hot.

DSCN8200 DSCN8207

we have taken them to Hornby for make and paint days again and of course the spitfire museum and raf manston museum… all regular places we visit.

We also have started going to the local car cruise’s  where all the people take their cars to show them off, the one we went to at the beginning of the month was at Dockside.  its held on the first thursday of every month and this is definitely going to be a regular with us now if we can afford the fuel to get there.

1116259_555498441177915_334021406_o DSCN8228 DSCN8248 DSCN8272

One of the treats we did take them to was Lydden Hill Race Track Drifting Championships,  Ok I admit I got the tickets given to me but hey it was a treat for us.. and we loved it… we were babysitting a friends 9 month old little girl Shelby~Anne for the weekend so she came with us as well,  The boys loved it and I have to admit so did I, I am and always have been a bit of a petrol head but its been a long time since I have been to Lydden, in actual fact I used to go to the motorbike races there years ago. 

DSCN8720 - Copy

Alex making a fuss of shelby

DSC_0716 DSC_0747 DSCN8522 DSCN8588

Anyway we will definitely be going back I think the next drifting is going to be in October. 

We Also took Shelby~Anne out with us to wildwood the next day,  Apart from the boys arguing who was going to push the buggy we had a great day and despite the threat of rain from the weatherman we had a lovely day.

Boys by the wildwood sign

Boys by the wildwood sign

Picnic Lunch

Picnic Lunch

Ali's Turn

Ali’s Turn

Alex having his turn at pushing the buggy

Alex having his turn at pushing the buggy

Adders  there are three here all curled up together

Adders there are three here all curled up together

Other than that we have taken the boys up the park to ride their bikes…. Well Alex ride his bike…

Ali has no co-ordination to ride a bike, even with stabilises fixed on it which are designed for disabled children he struggles so I’m holding off actually buying him a new bike, we were considering getting him a bmx type scooter as he seemed to be able to manage riding the micro scooter he had before it broke.   
and they have begged us to have days staying in at home so they can play Minecraft on the pc’s

So………….. that’s the last two weeks of the Holiday………. As I said 3 More weeks to go



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