End of the Holidays at last



To say this week was anything but insanely busy would be a lie!

As well as having our usual Cardboard collecting in the van for the scouts that we do every Tuesday and Wednesday, we also had some major clearing out to do, the end of summer holiday de-clutter I call it, you know when the kids get stuff out and it never gets put away because we are always to busy to do it or just off out.

Allan has been away on a training camp this weekend so I made the most of his absence.

The school holidays are all but over, so while he was gone my mind was turned to what was needed for next Thursday when they go back to school.

I have always with all my kids, gone out and stocked up on everything new for september.

Its kind of new start a new term. It shows the kids that school is important and I always feel sorry for the kids who go back the first few days of school in tatty stuff… It’s not like people don’t know what is needed… I usually find things start wearing out by the beginning of June so we are then down to one uniform.. Ok trousers may be replaced as we go on due to either knees being torn or the fact that they have just grown out of them. I have what I call the school fund.. I put money away each week so at the end of the summer holidays I can go out and kit them both out and that is exactly what I did.


New Shoes, New Shirts, Trousers, This year I didn’t need new pe shirts and shorts as I had to replace them round about last April as they had outgrown them so they will do for now, but they did need a new track suit and of course new Trainers for PE. I always go to Clarke’s for the shoes, Sports Direct for Trainers and M&S for the Shirts and Trousers, Their jumpers I have to buy from the school so will pick those up in the next week or two when they are actually back.

If it turns cold their old ones still fit as I bought them big last time.


My boys are big lads, Not big as in fat, Although Ali is a little on the chubby side compared to Alex but big as in Tall, We actually measured Alex the other day and he is now 5″ 3 and Ali is just under 5ft. They both take age 16 clothes. although its easier to get small mens but I confess a few of their t-shirts I have bought them at things like the car show the other week I picked up L mens so they are a bit baggy on them and have loads of room to grow.

The scary thing is their shoes… Size 8….. Not kids size 8 I am talking full-grown man size 8 OMG… these kids are 7 and 9, I hate to think what size they will take when they are older…..

So we are nearly ready now, I bought the last few bits in the savacentre yesterday, like new back pack’s, packed lunch bags, pens, pencils, you know, the accessories that go with school.

So Sunday lunch consisted of Burger king for me and the boys had KFC and I now have 6 full sets of uniform still in their bags just waiting to have the name labels sewn on and we will be ready to go. (I always get three of everything each, with a few extra shirts on top of that thrown in) It saves on that moment of panic when they come home covered in mud and either having to rush around washing for the next morning or panicking because their spare set isn’t dry yet.

All that is needed now is haircuts after their bath tonight and we will be set.


Bring on Thursday the 5th when they actually go back to school, Although it will still be busy then because its my usual shop day as well and then I will be packing ready to go away Friday as we are at Camber Sands for the weekend, A little end of holiday trip I booked months and months ago, We literally collect the boys straight from school on Friday and drive there, have three nights away and leave early Monday morning and drop the boys off at school so we can then get home and unload the car and unpack,

As much as I love having the boys home I can’t wait until then because that’s when the normality of the boys being back at school really will hit home

(I need some peace…)


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