I am officially a student again!

I am embarking on a course for Supporting
Children’s Learning –  QCF qualification, also known as a NVQ qualification.

Basically its for
Teaching assistants  (known as classroom assistants or learning support assistants in some schools)

I have in the past helped out with the schools over the years listening to reading etc, more so when my eldest three were at school.

Why have I decided to take this? well to be honest I was offered the course and I thought why not………

I had more than my fair share of kids over the years,  when my oldest ones were younger I first helped set up and run a preschool playgroup because at the time there were so few about and such a huge demand for preschool places. and like I said, I  have helped out in the schools in the past with reading etc and gone on school trips.  I help out with the scouts etc, being an occasional helper, Allan is a leader and we both are busy on the scout van at least two or three days a week collecting cardboard and newspapers to recycle and then taking it to the mill and weighing it all in, this alone takes about 5 hours a day, usually Tuesdays and Wednesday with the extra day usually being Thursday or Friday , and now I training to be a TA….. Mainly because Ali needs a lot of support at school, Not because he is behind but because he needs one to one because of his sight and other problems mainly social to be honest.. The joys of having an Autistic child. and it hopefully will enable me to help him more at home.

The course itself is a very intensive course which is crammed into a 10 week period instead of over a year and apparently will involve a lot of homework,.
(arrgggghhhh my nemesis when I was at school, as I hated homework with a passion)

On top of this both Allan and I through our volunteer work with the scouts and through the adult education because of the courses we have taken, be it cake decorating, sugercraft or in my case First Aid and emergency response first Aid at work, among other courses, have been nominated to become  Learning Champions,  basically we
Promote adult education to help people gain confidence in themselves and skills/experience in areas they might otherwise not have known they were capable of in order to enhance their lives and that of those around them.

 This work will enable large numbers of volunteer learning champions to make a difference in two ways: by encouraging neighbors, friends and workmates to take up learning and job opportunities; by acting as role models, showing that it is never too late to take up new skills and new career routes.The project aims to create more learning opportunities which meet the needs of adult learners.

This also involves a course starting in October but that is only on a Friday again during school term times.

 Anyway I am fitting this in with everything else in my usual busy week so wish me luck…….



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