Loving this learning Lark!

As you have gathered if you read my last post, I have started on some Adult education…


What? Well why because I can!

Why because it’s probably the most asked question every.

Some people dread going into their 50’s, Well I am embracing it… I don’t feel over 50, I don’t think I look over 50 (yes I know the fat fills the wrinkles)

and I don’t act over like I am over 50.  I do own a first class ticket to get discount at the hornby shop and cafe in Broadstairs. which I admit is a bonus when I am buying more trains and airfix things for the boys……………… Ok back to as I was saying..

I reached a point last year when I passed my 50th birthday that It was time for me to move on from being Mum to being me and having left school with no qualifications whatsoever, I managed to get a job straight away, in fact I have never had a problem getting any job I wanted in my life……….

I had a fantastic job in the Embassy and then from there when I came back to the uk I got a great job back here as a PA to an owner director in a tool business and worked there until I fell pregnant with my first child Michael. I left that job because I moved out of the area and started work up in London for the M.O.D for a while, I took leave and had my baby . Sadly my son was born stillborn and after a few weeks I decided that I needed to move back to Kent. Again within a few weeks I started a new job, Got pregnant again, had my son Daniel and then had my twins John and Sarah a year after… when my twins were a few months old I decided that I really needed to work again.. to be honest we needed the money and my husband at the time was one of those people who had no intention of ever working in his life… He also had no intention of looking after three children under the age of one and a half.. My only option was to find a job that fitted in with the childcare I could get… My parents… so while my husband was out with friends etc… I went to work. My parents took it in turns who was coming around to babysit… My hours were from 7pm to 11pm every day.. so basically I had all three children in bed by the time they came round…

I did this for a few years until my eldest was 3 and I wanted to get him in to a playgroup, at the time there were so few spaces that It was impossible to find one so after talking to a few friends and people at work, they offered sponsorship for setting up a new playgroup. My friend was qualified for working with children and we started out local playgroup, I did the administration side and helped out while my friend “C” took the role of boss and hired two staff to work there with us.

The playgroup was full to capacity with children within two weeks, I don’t know if it was because we were the only place with spaces but word got around fast and people liked us, soon we had a longer waiting list than a lot of other local playgroups.

I worked there right up until my 4th child Andrew was born, I then took a few months off before I went back, there was no problems having him there while I worked as he was such a good baby and of course everyone loved him, I then fell pregnant again and had my 5th child Hayley.. Now my first three children had started school and I had the two little ones… both too young for the playgroup but one very active toddler and a baby, this meant that working at the playgroup was getting impossible.

So I took a step back and just did the paperwork etc from home… Not long after this I moved to another town as we needed a bigger house………. I soon made friends and found someone who would look after my two little ones while I worked in the local shop.

this I did right up until my marriage broke up and there was a big split in the family. at this point I got another job in a radio station as a presenter and also in advertising, To be honest I preferred the background work to the being “On Air” side of things, Not long after I found myself pregnant again with my new partners baby.

Baby number 6…Alex.

My partner Allan was a head chef and working long hours……. So it got to the point where we had a newborn baby, I was leaving for work at 6.00am for a 7am start while my other half looked after Alex while I was at work, I would finish work about 2pm, get home for about 2.30pm and take over the responsible parent bit, looking after our son, then he would leave for his job as head chef in a big pub about 3.30pm….. and work right through and by the time he had finished supervising the clean up at the end of the night it would be about 1am when he got back in…. and I left for work at 6am and so the circle went on and on until my son was about 3 months old. Not only did we get the keys to our first house together as a family the first week of March, I also got very sick, I had a lump in my throat which had become more and more uncomfortable, this I had ignored for quite a long time but the day after we got the keys to the house I went to work in the morning and by 10am was so ill an ambulance was called and I was rushed off to hospital. I had an infected tumour and blood poisoning.. The be all and end all of it was I was seriously ill and in hospital and my other half was looking after a 3month old baby and moving into our house and visiting me in hospital. I decided then while I was there that if I made it.

(I honestly thought I was going to die at one point)

I would spend more time with my son.

So when I was discharged a few weeks later I spoke to my boss at the radio station and he agreed I could work from home for the sales part getting advertising for the radio station and then once I had appointments booked I would go out on the road to meetings so I could arrange them to fit in with my schedule … The problem with that is trying to hold a conversation by telesales with a baby /small child in the background.. after a while and a long discussion with my partner it was decided that I would for the first time in my life become a stay at home mum full-time.

Not only was I a stay at home mum to Alex I also had another baby who was baby number 7 for me which was Ali,  plus we had my step daughters Amber and Tammy, visit every other weekend ….. so that’s us…. 9 kids between us…..

So there I am, a stay at home mum. Don’t get me wrong I have loved each and every second of being there seeing all the milestones with my two sons that I missed with my other 5 children but when I got to 50 and Ali was settled in school I started to feel bored… I love being there for my kids and because Ali is a very special child for want of a better description He is Autistic although not what they class as very severe but can be very hard work at times, Socially Inept, and struggles to deal with any change at times, and is partially sighted being legally blind in one eye and extremely far-sighted in the other eye. This means that working full-time would be impossible for me. I need to be there for him during school holidays…. so what can I do… I needed to get the brain cells going again….. and although I have a lot of friends, I wanted something more challenging.. Allan has become a scout leader and I do a lot of help there…

We both had have red cross first aid experience in the past and when Allan did his first aid course for the scouts to get his back up to date I did mine as well, I then went on to do a course to obtain my Emergency First Aid at Work-Appointed Persons Certificate, which I did so I am a fully qualified first aider and rapid response at work first aider…

I do a lot of baking and love the sugar craft aspect of it, anyone can throw a slab of icing over a cake and cut out a few shapes and stick them on the top, but to make lovely roses etc takes real skill and I had always wanted to be able to do it , so I went on two sugarcraft courses, one basic and one advanced where you make the bouquets etc to go on top of wedding cakes as well. I loved every second but sadly this is not the sort of thing you put on your everyday cakes but I do practice and keep up most weeks.

So here we are now….. I am embarking on a course for supporting children’s learning… Why Not…….. the hours fit in with school hours and if I want It’s a skill and qualification that I can use to obtain a job.

That’s why!!

Anyway I wont go into too much detail on this blog but I am keeping another blog about the courses I am throwing myself into… and weekly work…….. homework… probably moaning and ranting and my homework,



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