All ready for Week 2 on Monday

Feeling quite nervous about Monday , Have I done enough work, Am I out of my depth. Yes this may all seem simple to most people but this is me.

I left school early and went straight into my job as a messenger at the Embassy. I managed to slip through the loop so to speak, I left the uk again (I did 1st year uk, 2nd year Junior High, and then back to the uk) after finishing third year… which nowadays in the uk system is year 9 and went back to the states.. I went into the American system as a freshman and to be honest I hated it. I was in Cleveland Ohio and it really was a culture shock to me, about Christmas time we moved to Lakewood Ohio, A much nicer place to live but I still hated high school… so I became a bit of a trouble maker and was sent back to the uk with my mother for three months… so I skipped being in school in the states but also didn’t go in the uk either… when we got back to the states My dad had moved to Washington Dc and told me that I had to go back to school, I refused and he agreed that if I got a job I wouldn’t have to .. thinking that there was no way I would be able to get a job… bad move… I got one the next day.


Soo Here I am… No qualifications to speak off, Yes I got a good education and was always in the “A” stream…. and with the exception of my behavior I actually got good reports academically… That’s where it ends lol While i grind my teeth when I see terrible spelling and real misuse of grammar… Your and You’re being my pet hate when used in the wrong context I am hardly the most literate person in the world.


And this brings us to now, And why I’m worrying if I will cope, will I be able to be able to cope with the workload, will I be able to manage the time to do all the homework needed.. We were told at the start of the course on the workshop that there would be about 2 to 6 hours of homework a week.


I can but try!


(This has been posted in the new blog as well)




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