That Terrifying moment in time when your phone crashes….

Smart phones love them or hate them… I’m not sure about mine…  it’s an HTC Desire  


HTC Desire

HTC Desire

Mine crashed the other night and would not restart… in fact it was totally stuck on loading.. Just like my tablet which has never worked since… Allan managed to get into the boot system and after a bit of googling I managed to flash the phone and then do a factory reset, I then managed to get all my contacts back through a back up of my old sd card..   so far so good… getting my apps back has been a whole other matter…. while I downloaded App2SD to move stuff over to my sd card i still found that there was no internal space so had major problems downloading apps.. but in the end I won.. I had a choice… Facebook on my phone or whatsapp.. In the end i opted for whatsapp as i can always use the basic Facebook or even go on it via the browser… contrary to popular belief i am not on Facebook all the time anyway lol  And my phone crashed again……. plus I found out  it up loads of space so in the end i took it off after all why do I need it as I get unlimited for free texts and of course I am an unsociable cow lol ………..  guess what my phone is working great now…  shame because I did like it……

What I did panic about is I had some books and texts etc all backed up on my phone and some photo’s… thankfully everything had been backed up to my sd card not long ago… I am always backing everything up now. on pc or phone… so reinstalling the backing up program.. reinstalling my messages and gallery and here we go again… I am back up and running, with no sign of whatsapp at all…

Yes I know my phone is old… Allan had it for 2 years before he got his upgrade and that was a year ago. so i guess I can’t complain really if it gets the hic cups but when its an app that does it. that really peeves me .

I’m not one who is constantly on the phone talking to people in fact I doubt I even use up 5% of my call time plan , I don’t even sent that many texts even though I am unlimited on how many I send. and because we have WiFi at home i don’t even use up a quarter of my data plan… I am Giff Gaff which is great……..  and only cost me £7.50 a month on pay and go……..    I don’t work for them or anything but seriously I only heard about them in the uk about 6 months ago and they are the cheapest pay and go provider ever. if you use mobiles you should check them out, even the sim cards are free…
If you want to check them out try here   you can get a free sim from that link where it gives you the tariffs
But if  you want to order a sim with £5 free credit on it when you activate it,  here is a link 🙂


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