The Great Storm 2013

This time last night we were sitting wondering how bad the storm /hurricane that was forecast would be,
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Originally it was forecast to hit us full force about midnight but as the evening wore on it was pushed further and further back. by 10pm it was pouring with rain but that was it, in fact it was still out there…..


by 3am when we went to bed it was a bit windy but nothing bad…… We got up to…… well actually nothing where we were… The rose-bush by the front door had gone sideways… Not a bad thing IMO as I hated it, sadly it can be just tied back..


Ok admittedly there were fatalities in the storm but in the wider scale of things. It is nothing compared to other countries where 100’s if not 1000’s are killed or hurt.

Needless deaths again IMO,

One 14yr old boy washed out to sea as he was storm watching with some friends … one girl crushed in a caravan/mobile home that was next to a tree who was living in it while the family home next door in a farmhouse/ barn was being renovated..


Common sense would have/could have prevented both these lives being lost. I do feel for the family of course but at the end of the day it was a total waste of life….


So from being told to batten down the hatches.. to the result…


This is the report today of the country-wide damage…. bearing in mind that papers always exaggerate a bit…


How did the storm affect us………….. I watched the leaves blow about a little…

A tree in a park not far from us had a tree fall but the tree was marked with an X because it was due to be cut down because it was rotten.


So that’s it..  down here in the south where it was due to hit at its worst…………..  two words describe it … Anti Climax

Not even as bad as the storm in 1987  but unlike Michael fish telling us then there would be no hurricane, this time they were predicting one that never really happened.
One day they will get it right.

Autumn is here and its beautiful

I love this time of year, After all the rain we have had lately today is lovely, warm and just looking around its beautiful, A lot of trees still have some of their leaves on but take a walk through the woods  and just forget all the everyday worries and look around…….. it’s just a perfect day!

Woods nr Sittingbourne

Woods nr Sittingbourne

Apologies as usual

Yet again I find myself saying sorry for not updating, I have just been so busy with this course and started another one as well, community learning champions, I will explain all about this later.   Life is really hectic at the moment what with the college and of course the collecting cardboard for the scouts and recycling it, this takes up two sometimes three days a week, from when we drop the boys off at school until we collected them again. 

Also I am struggling at the moment nursing a nasty burn to my stomach, my cooker is situated across the kitchen from my sink (not my idea in the design of the kitchen) anyway I was going to drain a huge pan of boiled potatoes and just as I got to the sink my wrist gave out and instead of the water going in the sink it went down my front instead.. I managed to rip my shirt off in time but I had jeans on and the water was all on the waistband hence the burn across my tummy. 

I know that with most big burns you should seek medical attention but bearing in mind both myself and Allan are fully trained first aiders.. we were the medical attention, so having done the usual, cold, then wrap in the cling-wrap to keep out infection etc… it blistered the next day and because of where it is the blister burst , so with a burn gauze dressing on I managed for a few days but then it was getting really painful so a bath and soak the dressing off and now it’s slowly healing in the open but I’m still very sore and now it’s getting to the itchy stage around the edge….. yay healing at last….  thankfully I am past the age where I worry about scars as this is going to be a good one… about 6 inches across and two down,  even sitting was painful, but as usual we have to carry on.

And the way my luck was going I knew something else would go wrong.. and this is where I have to announce some sad news..

My dishwasher has died… it has gone to the great electrical heaven in the sky, I know I cant complain I have had it years and I got it 3rd hand.. When I looked up the part I needed.. (water intake valve) it’s no longer available as it’s over 20 years old :-/  So for now until I can get another one second-hand and cheap I am having to actually wash up!!!!!


Well that’s it for now… I will try to catch up soon…… Bare with me lol