The Great Storm 2013

This time last night we were sitting wondering how bad the storm /hurricane that was forecast would be,
1385050_249112171909437_406338112_n 1402345_10151632712506364_1288329165_o

Originally it was forecast to hit us full force about midnight but as the evening wore on it was pushed further and further back. by 10pm it was pouring with rain but that was it, in fact it was still out there…..


by 3am when we went to bed it was a bit windy but nothing bad…… We got up to…… well actually nothing where we were… The rose-bush by the front door had gone sideways… Not a bad thing IMO as I hated it, sadly it can be just tied back..


Ok admittedly there were fatalities in the storm but in the wider scale of things. It is nothing compared to other countries where 100’s if not 1000’s are killed or hurt.

Needless deaths again IMO,

One 14yr old boy washed out to sea as he was storm watching with some friends … one girl crushed in a caravan/mobile home that was next to a tree who was living in it while the family home next door in a farmhouse/ barn was being renovated..


Common sense would have/could have prevented both these lives being lost. I do feel for the family of course but at the end of the day it was a total waste of life….


So from being told to batten down the hatches.. to the result…


This is the report today of the country-wide damage…. bearing in mind that papers always exaggerate a bit…


How did the storm affect us………….. I watched the leaves blow about a little…

A tree in a park not far from us had a tree fall but the tree was marked with an X because it was due to be cut down because it was rotten.


So that’s it..  down here in the south where it was due to hit at its worst…………..  two words describe it … Anti Climax

Not even as bad as the storm in 1987  but unlike Michael fish telling us then there would be no hurricane, this time they were predicting one that never really happened.
One day they will get it right.


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