Missed Moment: Once upon a time long ago!

Having an Autistic son Ali can sometimes be a good thing because all he does is sit at the computer most of the time or on his tablet or DS, basically anything tech, for the majority of the time.
Unless he is in meltdown mode…  Then you certainly know all about it.
My other son Alex is also tech mad and plays minecraft most of the time.
If they are not doing that they are playing with train sets or racing on the scalextric or arguing but there is never a time when I wonder what happened when because at the age of 7 ½ and nearly 10 we are always around.

So a Missed Moment In my house means what the dogs have been up to!
Or should I say dog really as Teal’c is usually quite good.
I came back in the other day after being out to find that one of the dogs had knocked the laundry pile over and there were socks everywhere…
Thankfully nothing was chewed up as Moo-bags aka Molly still has these pangs to chew something, last month it was a patch on the lino in the kitchen, why she did it is a mystery to me but as it already had a slight tear on it that happened when the fridge was moved a few years back it needed replacing anyway. One day I will get around to it.

But this got me thinking about all the damage that had been done by “innocent” dogs over the years.

Looking back now the funniest time was about 25 plus  years ago when I had two mutts, I say Mutts because I’m not sure what the parentage of them was but they had some staff traits.
Their names were Mina and Arnold, now I had owned Mina for a couple of years so she was totally out of the puppy stage and I had been lucky really when it came to chewing as it wasn’t something she ever did with the exception maybe of a few chew toys and rawhide.
She once swiped a MacDonald bag that I had just put down off the table that I had brought in for the kids and ran behind the sofa and as I shouted at her she ran out again leaving the bag there..

I  moved the sofa out and in that split second she had been behind there with it she had managed to not only open the bag, but opened a happy meal box and grabbed a cheeseburger unwrapped it and she had scoffed it as well.
But that was her only real sin so I can’t complain about her really.

Arnold was another matter.
I had taken Arnold on as a rescue, he really was the gentle giant very laid back and very loving But

even though he was about two years old if not older,  he was a pain for chewing things.  It was usually shoes he chewed or the legs of the dinning room table, but he hadn’t chewed anything for quite a while (about 6 months)  and I thought we had finally passed that chewing stage once and for all.

One day I was out in the front garden digging up daffodil bulbs out of the beds as I was planning on filling the garden with hardcore and putting a driveway on the front garden… I had been working out there for about half an hour when I saw the dogs watching me through the bay window..
Ahh I thought they had come in from the  back garden where I had left them and opened the kitchen door and then come in the front room,  but as they were just lying there  on the big bay window ledge watching I thought nothing of it and got on with the digging up of bulbs… About an hour later after working hard I just happened to look up again and noticed something fly up in the air..

Curious I stopped and watched and again something else flew in the air as well, it looked like lumps of foam.
Wondering what was going on I walked back into the house.

As I entered the front room I couldn’t believe my eyes…

The whole sofa was in shreds all over the place, all the foam stuffing was in tiny bits, It was and I emphasise WAS a brown velour sofa about three months old I might add and there was material, wood and foam everywhere.. and I mean everywhere..
I looked at the dogs and Mina looked at me and then looked at Arnold as if to say
“it wasn’t me it was him”.. I looked at Arnold and he was standing there wagging his tail.

He didn’t even have the decency to look guilty like some dogs do when they know they have done something they shouldn’t have but of course having a past history of chewing everything in sight he took all the blame that day and he certainly missed out on a few treats to say the least.

However thinking back I often wonder if Mina helped in the mass destruction of the sofa because there was a lot of mess for just one dog… A lot of mess, It was hard to find a spot on the carpet anywhere that wasn’t covered in foam.

Was she to join in the blame as well?
Maybe that is why he never looked as guilty as he should have!

One of my few regrets is I never actually saw the demolition take place, So yes I would call that a missed moment in time.


If you want to write about any missed moment, why not share it, Here is the challenge,
write your post and post your story about your “missed moment” on your blog.
If you have any pictures or videos to go along with it, that’s great! It’s not required though, so don’t worry if you don’t have any. ( As you can see I didn’t have any although I wish I had)
For more details follow this link


Not enough hours in the day? Pah!


I have a serious problem; That problem is there is not enough time in the day. or days in the week for that matter,

I’m sure some people are wondering if If  if I’ve disappeared off the face of the planet… I haven’t. 

honest I just don’t have time to do anything… oh well you are updating your blog you say.. well to be honest what I am doing is sitting in the car waiting for the boys to come out of school, I have to park up by 2.30pm to get a space and that’s two roads away from the school as there is no parking near the school as it’s all yellow lines  (very often enforced by the local traffic wardens at a cost of 335 if you pay straight away and if it’s a week later its a £70 ticket.  Yes I speak from experience) so we all fight for the few spaces in nearby roads.. of course I could walk them but that is a bit of a trek when it comes to going over the muddy fields so when the weather gets grotty or I am totally knackard or Alex’s legs are playing up we drive which if I am honest is 75% of the time

Anyway as I was saying I can update this blog if I get the chance and I’m not studying, reading or sometimes even grabbing a quick doze.  I use my phone..  word press is great as they have an app I can use..

But as I said at the start there really isn’t enough hours in the day.. I am studying most of the time but on my days off I am collecting the cardboard in the van and then emptying it up the mill with Allan. I enjoy it to be honest it means I don’t have to use my brain.. its hard work, on average we are folding and stacking and then emptying all by hand on average a tonne of cardboard and paper a day.  but it’s for the kids so its worth it.

I get home, I cook, I get a load of washing on, Maybe bake some cakes, depending on what’s going on, I have been asked to bake three birthday cakes but I just don’t have the time, its back to not enough hours in the day bit again lol, 
I load dishwasher and once the boys are in bed it’s usually half hour of TV (during which I generally fall asleep) wake up and go to  bed.. I then spend half the night away as the insomnia has kicked in big time… I can doze on sofa for short time but can I sleep in bed….. oh no…. and the dogs seem to be doing a great job of taking up all the room or laying on me so still not good for sleeping,  so that’s the day gone. Oh I forgot   to mention the odd meeting in the evening for other various things I am involved in such as helping out the local park on the committee and I am considering rejoining the Christmas lights again once this year is out of the way.  plus of course the usual scouting stuff
Have I bitten off more than I can chew? , more than likely but then I can chew quickly and swallow….ready for the next load to go in.
 (yes I know what’s going through your minds.I don’t mean it like that) 

Oh and on top of all this I have Christmas to organise … Yes honestly Christmas doesn’t just happen!
Not to mention Alex’s birthday which I am told is a big major one as he is in double numbers!

In a couple of weeks it will all be over, well this main course will be , my life will be entering a new chapter, I have put my name down for other courses as well, and I have seen loads in the catalogue from Kent adult education at the college that I would love to do..
sign Language being one I am very interested in as it would be a great skill to have IMO
oh well, the bed is about to go in the school and I have to go and walk up to the school to pick the boys up and then its the mad rush home and get on with some bits I have to do before I go out tonight.

I am booking a sit down and coffee break for next week… probably Wednesday afternoon or maybe Friday evening….

A walk back in time

Ok so not a walk back in time but I took time today to have a look at the cenotaph to see the wreath that Alex placed at the base…

Everyone from the troop made a part of it and it was all attached together.  I stood for a while and read all the names, it’s not the first time I have done this and probably wont be the last but it always makes me wonder, do their families go and look at their names there… indeed do all of them have families in the area any more?

While I was there I took some pictures that I didn’t get the chance to on Sunday as I was so busy watching Alex go up with lewis.

Flag bearer at the st Georges day parade and wreath bearer now if that’s the right word for it..    He is so proud of himself it’s not true…
funny how certain things please him, other kids wouldn’t be bothered.

PicMonkey Collage

Yes Christmas wont be cancelled after all!

The Lady from Amazon kept her word…

Everything arrived on Friday Morning, so that was good, 

All we are waiting for now is a couple of parcels from other companies.  

And then that is it… everything has been sorted for Christmas… 

I always leave the boys main present until the last because after  my older kids getting into the habit of asking for something from January to September…. me getting it and then at the last min they have changed their mind……

Not getting caught out like that again.
But November is close enough to Christmas to pick up the last few bits… So I raided the savings account..
(yes I am one of those boring people who put away for Christmas through the year)
and I went with the old man to curry’s / pc world to get the boys main present… They wanted a laptop each….
So my dad and I decided we would go half on one each for the boys…   we got quite a good deal on them as well considering .
as I wanted them to have at least 500gb  hard drive and windows 8 but still keep the price down as much as possible as they don’t need that much spec on them really… so this is what we got them in the end one of these each…
although I think I will have to get a laptop skin for each of them otherwise we will never know whose is whose its hard enough with their tablets.

Actually its a bit of a cop out really because Alex is in year 5 and has a lot of homework that he does via the pc anyway and it wont be that long until he goes up to senior school where he will need one anyway… And Ali can use one at school in year 4 plus also he has his own Voice/ speech  Recognition Software and will also have nessy fingers which means he has to learn to touch type..  that way if he ever does lose his sight completely at least he wont be out of touch with the world.

To be honest neither of them “does Toys” they have just about most of the tech stuff they want… they got tablets last year for Christmas, they have ds’s   I was going to get Ali a 3D DS  last year until I realised that with him being legally blind in one eye he can’t actually see 3D :/ so they still had their old ones.. ok they have been repaired once or twice but Ali’s was still going strong and I have replaced Alex’s that got stolen with a second-hand one not long ago.
So I was kinda stuck on what to actually get the boys this year…
They have no more space for all the trains and coaches they have for their railway set up, they have both a massive Scalextric set and a Micro Scalextric set, Airfix models they haven’t even had time to make yet because every time we go to hornby we pick up a few in the sales  (all stacked up in Allan’s Man cave)  which reminds me my Dr who Tardis is up there as well. one day I will find time to make that.

They have Meccano galore so don’t need any more of that………  (they really are retro kids lol ) and I swore I would not get them any more knex or lego as I’m not sure my feet can take standing on any more of the damn stuff .
they must have every game like monopoly, cluedo and other ones like that…. as when they are played they are put away again on top of my wardrobe so they are in like new condition still and away from Ali when he goes into meltdown where he would just wreck it all.
In fact the train stuff. Airfix, Scalextric sets and all stuff like that stays in my room when it’s not being used.   the only tech thing they have  in their room is an old xbox original and tv and virgin plus box… everything else is kept down stairs.. and that’s how it survives Hurricane Ali when he goes into one.
So I really am at a loss on what to get them this year…
Now I know I have gone overboard in years gone by,  but seriously what can I get them just for stocking fillers to open..
I couldn’t have them only having one parcel.  what do you get for kids who have most of everything they are into….. and who don’t actually do toys?

For the last couple of years we got the boys skylanders games for the Wii last year it was the Giants one.. this year they have said they didn’t want the swap force one so that killed that idea :/ admittedly they never played it much anyway.  oh yes that reminds me I do have a couple of Wii games up in the wardrobe that I had picked up months ago but still I want to get them some other little bits……. I will have to put my thinking cap on. 

Amber is easy she has already told us what she wanted from us… a new ds as she has never had one… (which ironically took less time to get here from Hong Kong than the presents I ordered on-line from the uk)  oh and she wanted the complete box set of Buffy ..  I have got her both those and a few other bits probably more than her mother will get her if last year was anything to go by as she got nothing.. oh and nothing for her birthday for the last few years either. so I guess that’s why I kinda spoil her as well even though she is 20 and has her own money and does nothing in the house at all not even get her own washing in… but still that’s another story….
Anyway as I was saying its the boys that I am stuck on.

May get them another hot wheels set they have had quite a few in the past and liked them for a while and we don’t have brat boy coming round nowadays to break it…  (yes everyday we are thankful that Jo and Adam moved away lol ) 

I already have the other presents for various people as I have picked them up throughout the year.. (yes Vickie I have yours haha I know you will be reading this so not going to say what I have got you hahahahaha)
And now All I have to do is actually get around to wrapping everything ..  arrrgghhhh!!

so as the clock counts down……  as I type there is 43 days 23 hours and 53 minutes and  30 second to go…..



Remembrance Sunday Parade and Memorial Service.

Today we marched in the parade down to the  Cenotaph in the town for the Memorial Service.

As usual both boys did us proud and behaved impeccably even Allowing for the fact that Ali really doesn’t do standing around he seemed to understand that for once a year it wouldn’t hurt.  Ok I did have a back up plan if he had started to go into melt down.. I took the ds with me and had every intention of telling him to go and sit and play on it.. but there was no need he stood to attention the whole time.   Both we even quiet for the silence..
Alex  had the honour along with a beaver called lewis to lay the wreath  at the base of the cenotaph that the troop had made…
I will pop up the town and take a picture of it if I get the chance tomorrow.
I was so proud that he was chosen and was busy watching that I forgot to take a picture :/

The Centopath in Sittingbourne.

The cenotaph  in Sittingbourne.

Alex before we left in uniform  Marching in the Parade and then the service..

Alex before we left in uniform
Marching in the Parade and then the service..


And to top it off the weather was great… 


Lost in the vast abysses of space and time

I’m starting to wonder if my house is stuck floating in a black hole somewhere in the universe…… .

Maybe its warped to another place another time………

This building that has stood since the 1920’s has become invisible

to just a select few…..


Even total strangers to the town… coming from far far away places such as Essex 😉 can seem to find my house…

Yes I got a text yesterday morning saying my dishwasher would be delivered this morning between 7am and 10am..

By yesterday evening I got another text letting me know to be ready for an early delivery from 7am onwards….. And Lo and Behold a nice man delivered my new Dishwasher and fitted it and it was up and running before I left for the school run.

The first one of the items we had ordered from Amazon arrived today as well by Yodel (although there was a slight moment in time where Yodel stated on their tracking that they attempted to deliver yesterday and a card had been put through the door.. Erm No…

But a phone call soon clarified that indeed their website was talking bollocks and no attempt at delivery had even been made and it was indeed due to be delivered this morning… which Indeed it was.. a nice new travel cot/playpen for Shelby-Ann and any other little one who needs to be trapped in a confined space because my house is no longer child friendly with wires and glass viv’s etc in low spaces, and I have no intention of making it child friendly nowadays… so the next best thing is a playpen… Somewhere safe a rug rat can crawl around and stand up and play with all the toys we have here… And I can be safe in the knowledge that not only is our stuff safe but the said child is as well.

Anyway I digress … the playpen I ordered from Amazon due to be delivered by Hermes… wasn’t… in fact that was resent via Yodel and all the other items we had ordered that still haven’t arrived were still coming up as post code error , So I spoke to a nice lady this afternoon from Amazon and she contacted Hermes to find out what the problem was and then called me back to officially confirm that all that have gone missing. Yes Hermes have apparently lost them in transit after they decided that there was a postcode error on my behalf..


Amazon who I have to say are fantastic have agreed to send everything out again and send it next day delivery via another courier so we have been promised delivery tomorrow…… I am keeping my fingers crossed… I am on a Paediatric first aid course during the day tomorrow so someone is going to be around to take delivery ..


In the meantime… I am going to load my nice new dishwasher……… ok its only a cheap one but hey who cares….. and then I am going to bed… it’s an early start tomorrow……

Maybe I will dream of my house lost in the vast abysses of space and time