There is something about that word that haunts me and comes back again and again,

I guess its Karma and pay back.


Many years ago more than I care to even mention… Lets say my age although in double figures started with the number 1……

I had a lovely boy friend, seriously he actually was my best friend as well, but of course you know what its like with young girls their heads are easily turned especially when it comes to boys…..

my best friend /love of my life…… introduced me to a friend of his., who was older…. who was in the Navy, who was admittedly sexy as hell.. Who could resist when he started flirting with me, His Name was Jim,



Yes I was stupid but hey this was a fling… I forgot about my best friend… bad move and something I have regretted for the rest of my life… but……. guess what.. Jim was on HMS Hermes…….

Seriously within a week or two he was seeing someone else and I of course was left totally heart-broken… ok I wasn’t I was pissed off with him.. I was more heartbroken that I had lost my best friend and my first love over the twat…..


Fast Forward about 3 years.. I am now working at the Embassy in Washington DC in the communications department and we were asked if there were any volunteers to go to New York to take a secret telegram to one of the Royal Navy ships, they wanted two of us to go as of course they wouldn’t send young girls on their own… we were to fly there and stay the night in a pre booked hotel and go the ship at the harbour….. then back to the hotel and fly back the next night… We took the telegram to the ship and handed it over to the communications office there and they offered us a look around the ship and of course we had a laugh and a joke and there was a lot of flirting……. we took them up on their offer and met a few nice sailors who were fun to be with and off we went to see a show with them… of course they turned into right pricks and we left them and went back to the hotel without them that night….. Yep the ship was HMS HERMES, I didn’t ask these lads if they knew Jim as I really didn’t care……..


this is off a negative I had and I have scanned it back to front so the writing on the caps is in reverse but I am the one in pink :-) next to me is a guy called phil

this is off a negative I had and I have scanned it back to front so the writing on the caps is in reverse but I am the one in pink 🙂 next to me is a guy called phil

Fastword to present day and I am having major problems getting parcels delivered… from various companies that have sent them as well. Not just Amazon and home shipping but also from two private firms who have used them..


So far we are waiting for 9 things to arrive… all we are getting from the carriers when I try to track the items is


In Transit : Delayed

The delivery of your parcel has been delayed because of a problem met by the carrier (Updated 11 day(s) ago)

Original expected delivery date: Saturday, 26 October 2013


Undeliverable : Returned

Your parcel was returned to


Or Date Time Status

05/11/2013 16:28 Not Delivered – Postcode error

05/11/2013 10:13 Courier Received

05/11/2013 05:55 Out For Delivery

05/11/2013 01:59 Processed at Depot

05/11/2013 01:15 Receipt at Depot

04/11/2013 11:30 Warehouse Scan


Seriously There is no postcode….. I live here… the house has been here apparently since 1927 ………… How the hell can there be a post code error…….

The royal mail……. (while I can still call it that) has no problems delivering letters… ok bills. actually I would be rather happy if there was an error sending bills .

The electoral roll has my address on register………

Other carriers have no problem finding the address…

Iceland delivery trucks…… have no problem finding the address

I can’t contact this company directly because they say I have to contact the sellers and they will deal with them.. I contacted the sellers and they confirmed that my address was right and said they would check out the problem, contact the firm and tell them my address is correct and resend the item that was returned and hopefully chase up the items we are waiting for…… In fact Arul from Amazon has been great.. I feel like I am on first name basis all the time with him now trying to sort this mess out..

Can you see where this is heading..


It is just this one delivery company that can’t seem to find the house…..
and we are still waiting for those 9 items to arrive…..

want to know what company it is……


Arrrrgghhhhhhhh!! It seems everything seems to go wrong when ever that word appears..



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