Lost in the vast abysses of space and time

I’m starting to wonder if my house is stuck floating in a black hole somewhere in the universe…… .

Maybe its warped to another place another time………

This building that has stood since the 1920’s has become invisible

to just a select few…..


Even total strangers to the town… coming from far far away places such as Essex 😉 can seem to find my house…

Yes I got a text yesterday morning saying my dishwasher would be delivered this morning between 7am and 10am..

By yesterday evening I got another text letting me know to be ready for an early delivery from 7am onwards….. And Lo and Behold a nice man delivered my new Dishwasher and fitted it and it was up and running before I left for the school run.

The first one of the items we had ordered from Amazon arrived today as well by Yodel (although there was a slight moment in time where Yodel stated on their tracking that they attempted to deliver yesterday and a card had been put through the door.. Erm No…

But a phone call soon clarified that indeed their website was talking bollocks and no attempt at delivery had even been made and it was indeed due to be delivered this morning… which Indeed it was.. a nice new travel cot/playpen for Shelby-Ann and any other little one who needs to be trapped in a confined space because my house is no longer child friendly with wires and glass viv’s etc in low spaces, and I have no intention of making it child friendly nowadays… so the next best thing is a playpen… Somewhere safe a rug rat can crawl around and stand up and play with all the toys we have here… And I can be safe in the knowledge that not only is our stuff safe but the said child is as well.

Anyway I digress … the playpen I ordered from Amazon due to be delivered by Hermes… wasn’t… in fact that was resent via Yodel and all the other items we had ordered that still haven’t arrived were still coming up as post code error , So I spoke to a nice lady this afternoon from Amazon and she contacted Hermes to find out what the problem was and then called me back to officially confirm that all that have gone missing. Yes Hermes have apparently lost them in transit after they decided that there was a postcode error on my behalf..


Amazon who I have to say are fantastic have agreed to send everything out again and send it next day delivery via another courier so we have been promised delivery tomorrow…… I am keeping my fingers crossed… I am on a Paediatric first aid course during the day tomorrow so someone is going to be around to take delivery ..


In the meantime… I am going to load my nice new dishwasher……… ok its only a cheap one but hey who cares….. and then I am going to bed… it’s an early start tomorrow……

Maybe I will dream of my house lost in the vast abysses of space and time


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