Yes Christmas wont be cancelled after all!

The Lady from Amazon kept her word…

Everything arrived on Friday Morning, so that was good, 

All we are waiting for now is a couple of parcels from other companies.  

And then that is it… everything has been sorted for Christmas… 

I always leave the boys main present until the last because after  my older kids getting into the habit of asking for something from January to September…. me getting it and then at the last min they have changed their mind……

Not getting caught out like that again.
But November is close enough to Christmas to pick up the last few bits… So I raided the savings account..
(yes I am one of those boring people who put away for Christmas through the year)
and I went with the old man to curry’s / pc world to get the boys main present… They wanted a laptop each….
So my dad and I decided we would go half on one each for the boys…   we got quite a good deal on them as well considering .
as I wanted them to have at least 500gb  hard drive and windows 8 but still keep the price down as much as possible as they don’t need that much spec on them really… so this is what we got them in the end one of these each… 
although I think I will have to get a laptop skin for each of them otherwise we will never know whose is whose its hard enough with their tablets.

Actually its a bit of a cop out really because Alex is in year 5 and has a lot of homework that he does via the pc anyway and it wont be that long until he goes up to senior school where he will need one anyway… And Ali can use one at school in year 4 plus also he has his own Voice/ speech  Recognition Software and will also have nessy fingers which means he has to learn to touch type..  that way if he ever does lose his sight completely at least he wont be out of touch with the world.

To be honest neither of them “does Toys” they have just about most of the tech stuff they want… they got tablets last year for Christmas, they have ds’s   I was going to get Ali a 3D DS  last year until I realised that with him being legally blind in one eye he can’t actually see 3D :/ so they still had their old ones.. ok they have been repaired once or twice but Ali’s was still going strong and I have replaced Alex’s that got stolen with a second-hand one not long ago.
So I was kinda stuck on what to actually get the boys this year…
They have no more space for all the trains and coaches they have for their railway set up, they have both a massive Scalextric set and a Micro Scalextric set, Airfix models they haven’t even had time to make yet because every time we go to hornby we pick up a few in the sales  (all stacked up in Allan’s Man cave)  which reminds me my Dr who Tardis is up there as well. one day I will find time to make that.

They have Meccano galore so don’t need any more of that………  (they really are retro kids lol ) and I swore I would not get them any more knex or lego as I’m not sure my feet can take standing on any more of the damn stuff .
they must have every game like monopoly, cluedo and other ones like that…. as when they are played they are put away again on top of my wardrobe so they are in like new condition still and away from Ali when he goes into meltdown where he would just wreck it all.
In fact the train stuff. Airfix, Scalextric sets and all stuff like that stays in my room when it’s not being used.   the only tech thing they have  in their room is an old xbox original and tv and virgin plus box… everything else is kept down stairs.. and that’s how it survives Hurricane Ali when he goes into one.
So I really am at a loss on what to get them this year…
Now I know I have gone overboard in years gone by,  but seriously what can I get them just for stocking fillers to open..
I couldn’t have them only having one parcel.  what do you get for kids who have most of everything they are into….. and who don’t actually do toys?

For the last couple of years we got the boys skylanders games for the Wii last year it was the Giants one.. this year they have said they didn’t want the swap force one so that killed that idea :/ admittedly they never played it much anyway.  oh yes that reminds me I do have a couple of Wii games up in the wardrobe that I had picked up months ago but still I want to get them some other little bits……. I will have to put my thinking cap on. 

Amber is easy she has already told us what she wanted from us… a new ds as she has never had one… (which ironically took less time to get here from Hong Kong than the presents I ordered on-line from the uk)  oh and she wanted the complete box set of Buffy ..  I have got her both those and a few other bits probably more than her mother will get her if last year was anything to go by as she got nothing.. oh and nothing for her birthday for the last few years either. so I guess that’s why I kinda spoil her as well even though she is 20 and has her own money and does nothing in the house at all not even get her own washing in… but still that’s another story….
Anyway as I was saying its the boys that I am stuck on.

May get them another hot wheels set they have had quite a few in the past and liked them for a while and we don’t have brat boy coming round nowadays to break it…  (yes everyday we are thankful that Jo and Adam moved away lol ) 

I already have the other presents for various people as I have picked them up throughout the year.. (yes Vickie I have yours haha I know you will be reading this so not going to say what I have got you hahahahaha)
And now All I have to do is actually get around to wrapping everything ..  arrrgghhhh!!

so as the clock counts down……  as I type there is 43 days 23 hours and 53 minutes and  30 second to go…..



One thought on “Yes Christmas wont be cancelled after all!

  1. as a new follower of this blog you’ve certainly got away with words a very good read. i’m glad you’ve pretty much got your christmas presents sorted you can now sit back and watch the rest of us panic lol

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