A walk back in time

Ok so not a walk back in time but I took time today to have a look at the cenotaph to see the wreath that Alex placed at the base…

Everyone from the troop made a part of it and it was all attached together.  I stood for a while and read all the names, it’s not the first time I have done this and probably wont be the last but it always makes me wonder, do their families go and look at their names there… indeed do all of them have families in the area any more?

While I was there I took some pictures that I didn’t get the chance to on Sunday as I was so busy watching Alex go up with lewis.

Flag bearer at the st Georges day parade and wreath bearer now if that’s the right word for it..    He is so proud of himself it’s not true…
funny how certain things please him, other kids wouldn’t be bothered.

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One thought on “A walk back in time

  1. The reason why he is proud of himself and he should be is because he respects the past and what the troops and British people went through in the two wars you should all be proud of yourselves for showing respect. As for other kids not being bothered they probably don’t even know about the two wars which is sad.

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