Not enough hours in the day? Pah!


I have a serious problem; That problem is there is not enough time in the day. or days in the week for that matter,

I’m sure some people are wondering if If  if I’ve disappeared off the face of the planet… I haven’t. 

honest I just don’t have time to do anything… oh well you are updating your blog you say.. well to be honest what I am doing is sitting in the car waiting for the boys to come out of school, I have to park up by 2.30pm to get a space and that’s two roads away from the school as there is no parking near the school as it’s all yellow lines  (very often enforced by the local traffic wardens at a cost of 335 if you pay straight away and if it’s a week later its a £70 ticket.  Yes I speak from experience) so we all fight for the few spaces in nearby roads.. of course I could walk them but that is a bit of a trek when it comes to going over the muddy fields so when the weather gets grotty or I am totally knackard or Alex’s legs are playing up we drive which if I am honest is 75% of the time

Anyway as I was saying I can update this blog if I get the chance and I’m not studying, reading or sometimes even grabbing a quick doze.  I use my phone..  word press is great as they have an app I can use..

But as I said at the start there really isn’t enough hours in the day.. I am studying most of the time but on my days off I am collecting the cardboard in the van and then emptying it up the mill with Allan. I enjoy it to be honest it means I don’t have to use my brain.. its hard work, on average we are folding and stacking and then emptying all by hand on average a tonne of cardboard and paper a day.  but it’s for the kids so its worth it.

I get home, I cook, I get a load of washing on, Maybe bake some cakes, depending on what’s going on, I have been asked to bake three birthday cakes but I just don’t have the time, its back to not enough hours in the day bit again lol, 
I load dishwasher and once the boys are in bed it’s usually half hour of TV (during which I generally fall asleep) wake up and go to  bed.. I then spend half the night away as the insomnia has kicked in big time… I can doze on sofa for short time but can I sleep in bed….. oh no…. and the dogs seem to be doing a great job of taking up all the room or laying on me so still not good for sleeping,  so that’s the day gone. Oh I forgot   to mention the odd meeting in the evening for other various things I am involved in such as helping out the local park on the committee and I am considering rejoining the Christmas lights again once this year is out of the way.  plus of course the usual scouting stuff
Have I bitten off more than I can chew? , more than likely but then I can chew quickly and swallow….ready for the next load to go in.
 (yes I know what’s going through your minds.I don’t mean it like that) 

Oh and on top of all this I have Christmas to organise … Yes honestly Christmas doesn’t just happen!
Not to mention Alex’s birthday which I am told is a big major one as he is in double numbers!

In a couple of weeks it will all be over, well this main course will be , my life will be entering a new chapter, I have put my name down for other courses as well, and I have seen loads in the catalogue from Kent adult education at the college that I would love to do..
sign Language being one I am very interested in as it would be a great skill to have IMO
oh well, the bed is about to go in the school and I have to go and walk up to the school to pick the boys up and then its the mad rush home and get on with some bits I have to do before I go out tonight.

I am booking a sit down and coffee break for next week… probably Wednesday afternoon or maybe Friday evening….


One thought on “Not enough hours in the day? Pah!

  1. wow that is one impressive daily agenda but you really need rest time it is important you need to make time to recharge yourself. you do seem to enjoy what you are doing so if you can handle it all go for it just take a good rest now and again x

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