The Night before Christmas.

’Twas the night before Christmas,
He lived all alone,
In a one bedroom house,
Made of plaster and stone.

I had to come down the chimney,
With presents to give,
And to see just who,
In this home, did live.

I looked all about,
A strange sight I did see,
No tinsel, No presents,
Not even a tree.

No stocking by mantle,
Just boots filled with sand,
One the wall hung pictures,
Of far distant lands.

With medals and badges,
Awards of all kinds,
A sober thought,
Came through my mind.

For this house was different,
It was dark and dreary,
I found the home of a soldier,
Once I could see clearly.

The soldier lay sleeping,
Silent, Alone,
Curled up on the floor,
In this one bedroom home.

The face was so gentle,
The room in disorder,
Not how I pictured,
A true British soldier.

Was this the hero,
Of whom I’d just read?
Curled up on a poncho
The floor for a bed.

I realised the families
That I saw this night,
Owed their lives to these soldiers,
Who were willing to fight.

Soon round the world,
The children would play,
And grown ups would celebrate,
A bright Christmas day.

They all enjoyed freedom,
Each month of the year,
Because of the soldiers,
Like the one lying here.

I couldn’t help wonder,
How many lay alone,
On a cold Christmas eve,
In a land far from home.

The very thought brought,
A tear to my eye,
I dropped to my knees,
And started to cry,

The soldier awakened,
And I heard a rough voice,
Santa don’t cry,
This life is my choice.

I fight for freedom,
I don’t ask for more,
My life is my God,
My Country, My Corps.

The soldier rolled over,
And drifted to sleep,
I couldn’t control it,
I continued to weep.

I kept watch for hours.
So silent and still,
And we both shivered,
From the cold night’s chill.

I did not want to leave,
On that cold, dark night.
This guardian of honour,
So willing to fight.

Then the soldier rolled over,
With a voice soft and pure,
Whispered “Carry on Santa,
It’s Christmas day, All is secure”

One look at my watch,
And I knew he was right,
“Merry Christmas My Friend,
And to All a Good Night. “



Autism Night Before Christmas:

Twas the Night Before Christmas And all through the house.

The creatures were stirring Yes, even the mouse We tried melatonin And gave a hot bath But the holiday jitters They always distract The children were finally All nestled in bed When nightmares of terror Ran through my OWN head

Did I get the right gift The right colour And style Would there be a tantrum Or even, maybe, a smile? Our relatives come But they don’t understand The pleasure he gets Just from flapping his hands. “He needs discipline,” they say “Just a well-needed smack, You must learn to parent…”

And on goes the attack We smile and nod Because we know deep inside The argument is moot Let them all take a side We know what it’s like To live with the spectrum The struggles and triumphs Achievements, regressions… But what they don’t know And what they don’t see Is the joy that we feel Over simplicity He said “hello” He ate something green! He told his first lie! He did not cause a scene! He peed on the potty Who cares if he’s ten,

He stopped saying the same thing Again and again! Others don’t realize Just how we can cope How we bravely hang on At the end of our rope But what they don’t see Is the joy we can’t hide When our children with autism Make the tiniest stride We may look at others Without the problems we face With jealousy, hatred Or even distaste, But what they don’t know Nor sometimes do we Is that children with autism Bring simplicity.

We don’t get excited Over expensive things We jump for joy With the progress work brings Children with autism Try hard every day That they make us proud More than words can say. They work even harder Than you or I To achieve something small To reach a star in the sky So to those who don’t get it Or can’t get a clue Take a walk in my shoes And I’ll assure you That even 10 minutes Into the walk You’ll look at me With respect, even shock. You will realize What it is I go through And the next time you judge I can assure you That you won’t say a thing You’ll be quiet and learn, Like the years that I did When the tables were turned…….

Author Unknown



Modern Day Kind of Fable

If you don’t know what a fable is,

Fable is a literary genre. A fable is a succinct fictional story, in hat features animals, mythical creatures, plants, inanimate objects or forces of nature or planets which are anthropomorphized (given human qualities such as verbal communication), and that illustrates or leads to an interpretation of a moral lesson (a “moral”), which may at the end be added explicitly in a pithy maxim. a story with a meaning, a lesson to be learned or a moral.

One of the most famed fable creators was named Aesop, who lived from 620 to 560 BC.

Well I have a  Modern day kind of fable not quite fitting the original description but the lesson is there all the same.
Here it goes:

Once upon a time There was a magical world called internet.

This world is the biggest in the universe, there were many lands,  cities and towns.   There was a huge place there called Facebook, where Millions and millions of people live. They chat and play games and generally it’s a very friendly place, the residents get to know one another and despite coming from different towns and cities and having been good friends and indeed some have a very close friendship,  a lot have never met in person.

One day there was a  person called Moon. Moon had given up everything, even her flat and left her town and gone thousands of miles away to be with another friend she had never met, we will call him Sun, well Moon gave everything up and moved in with Sun and his two children Star and Comet.

For a long time they were really happy or so Moon told everyone. Now Moon was friends with Earth although they had never met they had been virtual friends in the town of Facebook, for quite a few years. One day Moon was virtually talking to Earth as they chatted a lot and Moon told Earth how unhappy she was and how nasty Sun had been, how he had accused her of plotting to kill him  when she was on the phone with her daughter Mars because he had over heard moon and Mars on the talking. Moon told Earth how Sun was keeping her prisoner and how he had taken her passport and had left her in the house with no food or money in fact she never had any money of her own and had to ask for everything she ever needed, and that he was really nasty to her and he had even been violent to her, now Earth felt really helpless she herself had lived with someone who was just like Sun, violent and acting in exactly the same way so Earth worried about Moon and feared for her safety . Thankfully Moon managed to escape Sun and travelled thousands of miles back to her home town when she went to stay with her daughter Mars.

Then a few days later Moon put out an appeal to everyone asking if she could stay with them or they knew anywhere she could go because her daughter Mars and her evil other half was throwing Moon out and she had nowhere to live.

Now Earth lived quite a long distance from Moon but offered her a sofa and somewhere to stay, But could not get transport from where Moon was so Moon needed to get to another town close by to make the journey.  Moon went to stay with another friend not far from her but could only be there a few days as he lived with his mother and she would be returning, Earth managed to get some money together for some coach tickets, Earth booked and paid for Moon to get down to her part of the country. it was a long journey that took hours and hours, Earth Drove to another city nearby to meet the coach and finally met Moon for the very first time. They got on great and Moon stayed with Earth for Months Moon was on  Earth’s sofa but Earth had picked up a cupboard for moon to keep her bits in and other stuff was put upstairs in the junk room that was going to be sorted , After a while Moon needed to get herself sorted with her own money and somewhere to live so they pretended she was homeless and she had to move to another close by town to live in a hostel, she shared a kitchen and common room with a few others but had her own private room and bathroom.  Earth had kitted her out with her own bed-clothes, pillows, food, kettle and all sorts of other bits to help her get on her feet.  Moon got herself sorted and finally managed to get her own money, Earth popped over as often as she could afford to see moon and bring anything that was needed like towels etc.. 

After a few months Moon managed to get into another hostel closer to Earth in fact it was in Earth’s home town. Earth went to pick Moon up with all her stuff and drove her to her new place and helped her get it all in.  Moon settled in  quite well and had quite a busy life getting on courses and other stuff and popped around and stayed at Earth’s on a regular basis for the weekend and Earth helped her out and stocked up her cupboards and freezer from Earth’s stash that she squirrelled away in case of emergencies,  Christmas came and Earth had Moon stay over and spend Christmas with the family and made up a box of lots of presents that were for moon of all the thing moon loved and some of the stuff was even ordered in because it was from the far away land and hard to get. Earth wanted to make Christmas special for moon even though she was missing Star and Comet very much.
Eventually after Christmas  Moon got herself a job at a local shop. 

Now Moon had always said she wanted to return to Sun in the land far far away, a bit confusing considering that he was so mean but apparently the truth was that Moon really wasn’t allowed to stay in the far away land so had to leave..  She missed the children Star and Comet very much and was fighting to return to the far away land, she needed to get a visa and had to pay lots of money to get to the authorities and nasty solicitors so was short of money quite often so again Earth helped out by stocking her up to keep her going until pay-day. 

Not once did Earth ever regret giving Moon a hand as Earth herself had once been so down and out that all she had was the clothes she stood up in. So was more than willing to help someone else.   Moon got more and more distant as she made new friends with the people she worked with and Earth and Moon didn’t see each other very often, maybe two or three times for a quick-lunch that Moon treated Earth to in a nice little place that Earth had indeed taken Moon to in the past.  Moon and Sun kept in contact and were always falling out with each other so Moon regularly changed her name and contact details, Slowly blocking out all her old friends.  Someone had it in for Moon and was sending nasty letters and mails pretending to be Mars  to every one of Moons friends,  Again Moon changed her identity.  Earth herself had a mail and informed Moon  that Mars had sent a nasty letter,  Moon told Earth that it wasn’t really Mars and that it was someone else.

Earth saw Moon and at the time asked Moon if she would like to come over for Christmas again. Moon said she would find out what hours she was working over Christmas and let Earth know.

The next thing is Moon asked Earth again if she knew anything about another person Pluto, who was an ex friend of Moons,  Earth really hadn’t had much to do with Pluto but looked to see for any information that Moon had asked for.  Moon Changed her identity again and told Earth that she was only adding people she could trust because someone was sending nasty letters to her..  Moon talked to Earth about this . And told Earth that she had fallen out with Sun again, to be honest Earth had long got past showing any interest in this on / off relationship Moon had with Sun as this was never-ending.


Earth sent Moon a message by her mobile device, called a text , asking if she had found out about Christmas yet and if she was or wasn’t working, and if Moon was coming over to stay for the holiday but got no reply Earth messaged Moon on one of the contact places she had for Moon as Moon had vanished from her latest one again. ,  Again Earth got no reply.
Now Earth had been very very busy doing a lot of things and it was keeping her busy every day from morning to night.  The next time Earth heard from Moon she was asked by that thing called text, if Earth could get her some settings as she couldn’t get in touch with anyone in the rest of the world of internet as someone had tried to take her mobile device and deleted everything but Moon must have remembered Earths number because she had managed to text Her. 
Earth was out at the time but when she got back in she managed to find the settings and sent them by text to Moon,  No Reply..   Earth noticed that evening that Moon was back on-line in the world of facebook so tried to send a message but for some reason was told that she couldn’t as the conversation was closed.
So Earth wrote all over Moons wall asking if she got the settings. 

Moon eventually replied to the text and then on her wall replied saying yes but it had taken ages to work and she had to borrow someone else’s phone to text..  At the time Earth was tired and confused, how did Moon text her then if she had to borrow another persons mobile to text someone else.. but decided that she was tired and was probably reading it wrong.  
Earth again was busy, what with Christmas coming up and all sorts of things organised for her and her children, and jobs to be done.  She was preparing for Christmas yet again and decided to try to ask Moon one last time if she was indeed coming for Christmas as she needed to know how many chairs to get down out of the loft and what else she would need. 

Earth tried to get hold of Moon in her latest name on the land of Facebook and her name was gone.  So Earth went and looked for Moons other names and they were all gone.. Not even deactivated.. they were gone completely from her list of Friends..  Earth Remembered a couple of the names of  Moons friends that she worked with from when Earth was invited to a quiz night organised by Moon, and Earth was going to message them to ask if they could get hold of Moon and to make sure Moon was ok, after all it is Christmas and that it is a time when you need to be with friends not staying on your own in a hostel .  Especially when she knew Moon would be missing Star and Comet
Earth messaged the first person not knowing if she had the right person really as they had no other friends in common, within an hour Earth got a message back saying that if Moon wanted to Talk to Earth she would get hold of her , herself and for Earth to go away.  Actually It wasn’t quite what she said but close enough.   Earth then went to look for another name she remembered and found on this  other friends wall which was open for all to see a message written on a picture about redheads.. Knowing that Moon had recently coloured her hair red it wouldn’t take an idiot to know this person was indeed Moon using yet another name. By which time, Earth who is still feeling really peeved because its been a long few months and had been working hard and starting to feel totally burnt out.. Sent this person a message  saying “Hi I was going to ask if you have seen Moon, and if she is ok but I guess I don’t need to bother” knowing full well this is indeed Moon,  Wondering what she had done wrong Earth is feeling really cross and used now. 

Especially when Moon again blocked Earth from her New Name that Earth had sent the message to .   Earth decided it was not worth contacting Moons other good friend whose wall she looked at as this person will indeed find out what kind of person Moon really is.
Earth has now decided that Moon can do what she pleases.  But as far as Christmas goes.  Earth will be spending it with Friends and Family.

As For Moon Earth Doesn’t care because Obviously Moon doesn’t want to know any-more… and maybe there was some truth in the message that Mars had sent about Moon to Earth and that she indeed only uses people for their help and when it’s no longer needed wants nothing more to do with them.  Of course Earth could be wrong and it could be just a mistake but earth is not exactly convinced of that. 

The Moral of this story is…   Never help people you don’t really know because despite what ever you do to help. they will still shit on you from a great height!
I looked in the wise words from the  country of  the internet and found this.
The Lesson to be learned is.

How to Know When Friends are Using You


Consider how they spend their time. Do they hang out with you? A real friend will want to spend time with you because they enjoy your company, not just when they need to use your facilities or internet or need a favour.


Consider their neediness. Are they constantly “borrowing” money or stuff or living off you or when you offer help taking it saying how much they appreciate it, making promises to help you out etc or pay you back? Anyone who is happy to to do this and use stuff you have given them , but maybe not so keen to pay it back, or keep their promises is using you.


Watch for being dumped on. Do they ever blame others to get themselves out of trouble do they lie so you will feel sorry for them and then when the truth comes out its totally different? This one should be obvious.  If yes, then they are using you.



Think about how sharing they are with you. When was the last time they did something for you that wasn’t for them as well? If you can’t answer this, then they are obviously using you.


Put yourself in his/her shoes. Do you honestly think they see you as a friend, or someone they go to when they need help or something done for them. Then ask yourself: “Are they really good friends, or are they just going to  ‘use me again and again when they need something else?'”


  • Watch for any changes in behaviour from the user once they’ve gotten what they want from you and know they cannot get any more out of you, you may find that they start treating you poorly or just stop all contact and hide from you.  This is a pretty clear sign that you’ve been used by someone.
  • If they to come back into your life for any reason you need to find out why and decided whether or not you’ll accept them back into your life, it’s wiser not to let them back in once they’ve left or you’ve gotten rid of them. Users rarely change!

    If you answered Yes to all of the above then You are indeed a Mug!  Sadly if the truth be known, I will always help someone who needs help.  I have to remember there are some genuine  people out there

Sick, Fuming, Pissed off, Arrrrgghhhhh

Oh what fun it’s 3.20 am  tonight  erm last night, was the last night for beavers and cubs before Christmas, we got back in , I did the boys dinner and got them to bed and dozed off through being totally knackard after having to do shit loads today I go to bed and then can’t sleep because apart from my arms hurting like hell and being full of this cold I have told myself I don’t have time for the whole time I was on my course,  (it waited until I had finished on the Monday but by Tuesday morning I felt like death warmed up)

where was I  my brain is fried.  oh yes the reason I am up at silly o’clock in the morning

I am still fuming after tonight’s well actually last nights events.

Bearing in mind we work our arses off two or three days a week collecting cardboard for the scouts… we drop the boys off to school, pick up the scout van down the road from the school and go out in it collecting cardboard..  when we get it. it is stacked in yards. or left whole all over the place or in garages and we have to flat pack it.. pick it up and of course load the van, when the van is full we take it to the local recycle mill and empty it again by hand into the skips there.. we fill the van every day.. we finish about 2 to 2.20pm just in time to go back up the school to wait and pick the boys up.  Some weeks we go to other places that are not weekly  one place is every 6 weeks  and that place alone was two and a half van loads full in one morning so we were out 4 days this week collecting cardboard, in fact we shifted over 5 tonne this week.  the place we go to that had the mega loads has heavy cardboard stacked and we have to get it from the warehouse and to the van… I have hurt both my arms and I mean hurt.. I am struggling to type never mind anything else I have hurt my elbows and both muscles or something in my forearms. which means moving, lifting or doing anything HURTS!  I am on mega pain killers and its hardly touching it..  
Now once a month we go to three or four roads and collect newspapers from outside houses, we start at 6pm and load them into the van… again this is usually over a tonnes worth..  Both Allan and I have done this every month for the last 15 months, This friday (today) is the paper run night.  We originally had a Christmas meal booked with the bug club so we asked the group scout leader if she could get cover for us for this week as we would be out.. we gave her three months notice.   She finally got cover a week ago,  now the meal was planned but after feeling like crap and having sore arms we decided sod it let someone else do it just this month so we didn’t tell them that we were free after all.

The person doing this lets call him Lazy C*nt  (LC for short) for anonymity because after all we all know this person.  is called LC for various reason ie he does nothing. he is an assistant beaver scout leader… the GSL is a beaver scout leader and all he ever does is sit there talking to the GSL …   There is your back ground  now back to last night.

We all had to be there for 5pm because the last meeting before Christmas the kids do a play for all the parents.  it starts at 5.30  we had to make a well and take it there as the play was around the song there’s is a hole in my bucket. we get it there  (not easy as its huge) we put it up on the stage…. we get all the chairs out for the parents…..  well I say we..  the other assistant cub leader helped along with her son,  the cub leader was setting up and taking due’s in from the cubs the same as the GSL was for the beavers. LC was doing fuck all, ok that is a lie… he is sitting talking to the GSL as well… and that is where he stayed all night. right next to the GSL.  Now she is disabled so obviously can’t walk around or do anything (that’s another bitch of mine… sorry but the kids miss out on so much stuff because she is incapable of doing much and if she cant do it then they don’t, I think there should be someone who is more active to say the least doing the job especially as we are the ones pushing her around the camp-site in her wheelchair all the time because guess who is never near her when she needs a push… oh yes thats the one  LC)  once we got everything set up the parents started coming in, we got the kids on stage and they did the play… LC sitting right next to GSL for the whole thing.. not once got his arse off the chair.  after the play the GSL asked parents if they could help with the paper run collecting papers to take to the van  WTF!! WE DO THAT AND NO FUCKER HELPS US OR HAS BEEN ASKED TO HELP. she then says that LC will be driving the van and that he will need help and that this is how the group gets a lot of the funds from the paper run.  She then thanks him for giving up his spare time, and I mean thanks him the thanks was about five mins long about how grateful she was. blah blah blah. not a mention of us doing it all the time or in the week, Now at this point I am slowly simmering  I mean.. I could say something but for the sake of peace I let it go.
When it was finished and parents went.. everyone helped clean up, sweep, stack chairs, tables etc… well everyone except for guess who……. yep LC and GSL.    And my arms are really killing me by now to the point where in an ideal world I would find a corner and hide away and cry.
we hand over the keys to LC explain to him how we have set up the van ready and to collect from side door etc.. and say if he wants he can also empty it on Monday as it usually takes about 3 hours with the papers as everyone usually puts half a dozen papers in plastic bags and they all have to be taken out.. plastic bags have to be taken off leaflets etc.. he replies.. oh no I didn’t sign up for that……   At which point.. I just reply neither did I but I do it all the time.  I also think this is a good time for me to get the boys in the car to get home and tell Allan I will wait outside for him.. I say goodbye to the cub scout leaders and off I go..   I am seriously fuming.  Allan usually goes in with Ali on a Thursday and helps out at the beavers as well while he is there until Alex starts cubs.. he said LC does very little even though he is the assistant beaver leader.. Chill another assistant cub leader does the same..  Now LC’s son has moved up to cubs so when his son is in cubs he just sits there guess what.. yep talking to GSL  he does nothing to help out at all because he is a beaver leader.. So Chill told me tonight she is doing nothing now to help out at beavers. and I have told Allan the same.. I will take Ali in and I will pay his subs and I will come out again.. I refuse to help out either.  I hope they will be very happy together.. because  The frame of mind I am in, I am so tempted to take Ali out of the beavers there and either put him in another troop or just wait until April until he can go up to cubs. The way I feel at the moment they can stuff their cardboard where the sun doesn’t shine.. after all we don’t do anything to get a mention of thanks. 

I know we are not in it for the thanks, we do it for the kids but feeling shitty and full of lurgy and hurting like hell  this has really got to me tonight.
Thankfully we have told the people we collect from that we are not collecting Christmas week so we are having a weeks break from it.. maybe that will give me time to cool down….
I know you have no idea what I am talking about.. but it’s so much easier to rant here than kill someone in real life. and now its 4.10am and I still can’t sleep as I feel yuk and have a busy day ahead and still haven’t had the time to get the Christmas decorations up.  I think we are going to have to reassess some things.. like home life is going to have to start taking a priority

25 Things Every Kid Should Do Before the Age of 10

I saw this idea posted for ten things all kids should do before ten and I thought no way there should be loads more.. My Boys spend most of their life giggling, be it together or just on their own when they are having fun.  Even Ali has done all these things ok he may not have been the greatest at them because of his sight and co-ordination but he has tried and had fun doing it.


There are things in life that all kids just need to do at some point. I’m not talking about the big things, like going to Alton towers or going on a plane on a holiday abroad or going to Euro Disney, but rather those little, everyday moments that are just full of wonder, joy, and youth.


Some of them are so simple, we don’t even note them when they happen for the first time, but years later, it’s these things we look back on as the core of our childhood. Here are 25 things all kids should do while they’re still kids, a bucket list if you will. See how many your kids have checked off as of now, and add any others you’d like to see on this list in the comments.
This is a list every one of my kids has completed at some point in their lives.. not just the boys either.. My girls have done all of these as well.


1. Lick the Beaters
2. Dance in the Rain
3. Eat a Bug
4. Play in the Mud
5. Climb a Tree
6. Climb Up a Slide

7. Have a Tea Party With Stuffed Animals
8. Roll Down a Grassy Hill
9. Cut Their Own — or a Sibling’s – Hair
10. Make Friends With an Elderly Person
11. Play With Worms
12. Care for a Pet
13. Build a Fort
14. Skip Stones
15. Plant Something & Watch It Grow
16. Go Camping
17. Skin a Knee
18. Go for a long walk in the country side.
19. Fly a Kite
20. Bury Someone in the Sand
21. Make a Snow Angel
22. Race Their Shadow
23. Laugh So Hard juice Comes Out of Their Nose
24. Eat snow, (make sure it’s not yellow 😉 )
25. Make jam from fruit they have picked.





Strop Arse Pre Teenager

My son Alex is 10 well he will be on the 21st

And he is soooo moody at the moment.

This I can cope with to a point cos I understand its all hormonal etc., but I also have an almost 7 yr old boy (Ali) , and they clash sooooo badly at the moment I feel sometimes that I just can’t cope.

Alex hates  Ali but loves him but at the moment its more hate than love , and he winds Ali up big time the problem then is Ali goes into total meltdown and then they just cannot be in the same house, never mind the same room! If the truth is told Ali can wipe the floor with Alex he is so strong and it’s getting to the point where I find him hard to hold back or restrain him from smashing something if he really is annoyed.. Most of the time thankfully Ali just likes to be left alone anyway.

Very occasionally they get on, but mostly they fight and argue over stupid things like who’s turn it is to sit in the chair! Yes seriously they were arguing over what end of the sofa they sat on earlier.

Ali is very hard work at times, never really wanting attention and cannot play on his own in fact he doesn’t play at all unless its something to do with the computer , he won’t watch a dvd or film or program all the way through on the tv because he gets bored so easily where he struggles to see. I guess being blind in one eye makes his eyes ache when he is watching something plus of course he has the attention span of a gnat unless of course he is on the computer. , whereas Alex is happy to go off and spend time alone in his/their room. Or read a book or watch tv and watch something. I am used to dealing with Ali, Although he is Autistic he is middle of the range when it comes to the spectrum so at least he is verbal and can cope at the moment with main stream school and Alex has always been the one who is good as gold.. One thing I can’t complain about is the amount of work they put in at school, both have always had glowing reports so I’m kinda finding it hard to get why Alex is so stressy at the moment.

Alex was really extra stroppy last weekend, all because we said we would play a board game, and by the time we got back on Saturday after being out all day we were really tired and of course Ali didn’t want to play.. he had been away from his beloved computer for hours and that was all he was interested in… Now I know being with us in the town and waiting around was really hard for Ali and to be honest he was a star so I felt I couldn’t suggest ok basically insist that he must play the game with Alex and us. Alex wanted us all to play as you need at least 4 players and teddy as I suggested is not a good substitute for a human … The end result was one strop arse kid
Now Alex is getting to that magic double numbers he wants his own independence and privacy.

He doesn’t want his little brother to keep going in their room when he is reading or wanting to annoy him by asking him to log into what ever joint account they have on the pc for what ever game they have been playing and have Alex play the game on-line with him . Which is a shame because Ali doesn’t often want to interact usually so it’s a rare occasion when he does want company.

He doesn’t want me to wait at the school with Ali when he has an after school clubs (his suggestion is I take Ali home and come back to pick him up) when I say we will go to the park he doesn’t want Ali to come in case he goes into melt down if something gets to him, if we go to parks that are near the school Alex has asked if I can wait in the car with Ali because he will be with his mates and Ali going into one is a show up.
He doesn’t even want his brother to speak to him at school really!!! After all he is a year 5 now and Ali is only a year 3

Like Jekyll and Hyde, one day he is lovely and very helpful , more than happy to go on the computer and play interactive games with Ali or Minecraft etc the next day he wakes up and moans, gets so stroppy, picks arguments, doesn’t do as he is told

I guess this is all part of growing up

Apparently 10 is the new 17………….




I’m in a foul mood today and I mean foul.

we work our arses off collecting cardboard in the van…  dragging it out of places or trolleys flat packing and lifting it in the van and when  van is full then take it to the recycle point and spend ages getting it all out again.. it stinks as we collect from chips shops and all sorts and  it is soggy if it rains.. its bloody cold now sometimes especially when it’s pouring down  and hard work or in the summer back-breaking hot doing it..
We manage on average over a tonne a day and go in the van straight from school from dropping boys off at school and finish about half two when its time to go and get them  two days a week every Tuesday and Wednesday…
Plus extra days if asked and we can fit it in..  We also go out once a month collecting newspapers come rain or shine and filling the van up after we have walked up and don the roads collecting them.. and of course having to empty that as well but first we have to remove all the string and carrier bags that hold them.
Allan is a leader and I am an occasional helper and we both give up our evening every Thursday for the beavers and cubs.. plus weekend camps and St Georges day parades and remembrance Sunday parades etc. and at this time of year he is also doing the carol concert and a play with the kids ,which I was told was just singing and a play done by the kids and now I find out it’s in the Baptist church so there will be a bloody religious service… he knows my views on the boys entering churches.. for historic and education reasons yes but for a religious service I am not happy at all.   To me we don’t celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas at all, as far as the kids are concerned it’s a national Santa day and Easter is national chocolate egg day
Anyway getting to the point. tonight is the leaders Christmas meal they were asked who wanted to go about two months ago ..   6 leaders just said they couldn’t make it or didn’t want to go…Does Allan oh no he says he is going at £15 a head plus drinks… the meal itself is in our local pub come restaurant and is £30 for two so it’s not as if he is getting it cheaper or anything.
We bring in £56 a tonne for the cardboard  (that’s what they get from council grants and the paper mill we recycle to so that’s at least £100 a week and most times we do three tonne  ) Now personally what really fucks me off the most is that
A.  as an occasional helper we do all the bloody work but don’t even get asked if we want to attend the meal.. even though we would have to pay for it and

B I begrudge paying for the bloody meal anyway I think after everything we do they should pay for  the meal anyway..
But then I don’t work my fat arse off for the leaders to have fancy meals and a get together I do it for the kids so I would object to that as well, Personally I think if the GSL wants a group Christmas meal she should pay or forget the idea.. in other groups in the past we have even done Christmas get-to-gethers and everyone brings a course or you go to each house for a separate course.
We are members of an arachnid club and our Christmas meal in a much nicer place is paid for by the club and our membership is only £15 a year for the family.  Allan had paid £5 towards the meal the night it was suggested and expected me to find another £20 to go towards it as it’s within walking distance so he can have a drink.. well I am totally pissed about this,  as per usual I think he is being selfish.. every month they have meetings and every month I am at home with the kids while he fucks off out with the gsl and other leaders…
I am sitting here more and more fucking annoyed every second…  by the time he gets home I have a feeling the bald twat who doesn’t have any balls to say anything to the group leader is close  to being  homeless. I am really peeved with being expected to just sit back and say oh ok if it’s for the scouts etc…
I think we do enough sometimes.
To top it off my dad calls and asks me to take him to the doctors in his car so I had to walk all the way over to his place . at 5.30 this evening to take him in his car for his appointment on the other side of town at 6.30pm.. I have had to call in a favour of a friend to watch the boys at 6pm as Allan had to go out then although the meal is at 7pm and its a five min walk there but he wanted to be punctual  (in other words get a drink ) so I drive my old man there  he goes in.. I wait in-car freezing and then when he is finished i take him back to his and he wants help getting the door open…
And that’s when my phone fell out of my pocket into a big puddle.. he then  thought I would walk home from kemsley to quinton (milton)  the shortest route is 2 miles … at which point I said fuck off.. well actually I said no I would drive his car home… take the boys to school in the morning and then go get his bloody prescription because the chemist are all shut now, and then go back to his and give him his pills and car keys and  walk to where Allan will be in the van collecting cardboard probably in the murston area so another longish walk from his place. although I will probably walk the creek way through the country park I may just calm down by then  Oh and My phone is sitting in rice in the hope that I can resurrect it somehow.

Help I may just kills someone…

And end of Rant.