I Won! Its the Christmas Lights Turn on day

Sittingbourne has a rather pathetic Christmas light display if truth is told,
about 10 years ago both Allan and I were on the Christmas lights committee but every suggestion that we made to get the lights more outstanding was ignored Every idea to raise money was pushed to one side if it wasn’t suggested by an élite few… There was also allegations that the original lights the town had that were quite impressive years ago had been stolen.. We were told they were sent off for rewiring and never returned, however there was never any proof because there was a delivery note but anyway.. this is old news and money was needed for new lights.. we borrowed lights from other towns and put them on the lamp posts..
Apparently now new by-laws say we can’t have them draped over the road in the high street… funny how most other towns can but again…  that’s another story..
Anyway fed up with having everything suggested ignored we and quite a few others left the lights group.

Fast forward 10 years and I still kept and eye on the Christmas lights activities.. 
there is new blood on the committee and they are working hard now to make the whole turn on day a good community day and hoping to find lots of ways to raise money so in years to come the light display will be back to being as splendid as it was when I was a kid.
But I Still know some old members of the committee and have met a few new ones and made friends with them funny enough not through the lights groups.
So here we are present day.. I was told by Sam  a friend who we collect cardboard off and who also has given us some other contacts for cardboard..  (she is involved with the christmas lights ) that on  lights turn on day 30th November 2013
there would be a mince-pie competition. She also knew that I baked a lot so asked if I was interested in entering the competition.  well how could I resist.

Here were the rules:

If you’re doing a bit of late night baking…..

Mince Pie Competition Rules
•You need to enter 6 mince pies; two of these will be tasted by the judges. The remaining four will be donated for sale to raise money for the lights.
•You must have baked the mince pies yourself.
•Closing time for entries is 2pm and pies must be delivered to Christmas Lights Association Stall.
•Judging will take place at 2:30 on the stage-please be available when winner is announced to receive your prize.
•The winner will have their recipe published on our website and facebook page and will receive a special prize.

Both Allan and I baked some mince pies and we entered the comp.   we took the boys and Shelby-Anne (we have babysat her since Friday night while her mum and day get some bits done)  anyway we took them all off up the town to see Santa and we had to take our mince pies in to the christmas lights stall in the high street … oh and do a bit of shopping as well.

To me it wasn’t that cold but a lot of people were complaining it was freezing… oh well I guess this is England.. we are not happy unless we are moaning about something!!!

When we dropped our mince pies off we were told to go back to the stall at 2.30pm to find out the results of the judging by two judges who have no idea who baked what as it was all done by a number on the entry form. (before anyone could accuse anyone of cheating)
we got there  just after two thirty and they had narrowed it down to 4 entries

We were surprised to see both mine and Allan’s were there on the table.
It was announced and the winner was ME !!!!!!!!!!  YAY… to be honest that is probably the only thing I ever have and ever will win lol
Quite surprising really as we had decided at home that we thought the nicest ones were Allan’s, Anyway I won a lovely prize so we both get to share anyway.

A few pics of the day

Meeting Santa I asked the boys when I was taking Shelby-Anne to see Santa if they wanted to go (as I thought they may decide they were too old for it ) but guess what they wanted to do!

Meeting Santa
I asked the boys when I was taking Shelby-Anne to see Santa if they wanted to go (as I thought they may decide they were too old for it ) but guess what they wanted to do!


The judges picking the winners.. my Mince Pies before they went into the oven and the table with the 4 entries when we got there before we knew who won.


My prize and I have googled and it looks like a very nice treat that I think I will save for the summer 🙂


One thought on “I Won! Its the Christmas Lights Turn on day

  1. well done on winning the mince pie prize and you and Allan are the elite few and snobs ruin it for everyone just ignore them they are not worth it

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