Hit and Miss Christmas countdown.


Are you ready?

To be honest considering how busy I have been lately I am fairly well organised for Christmas.

I have got all the main presents , the majority of stocking fillers,  Enough goodies to make everyone in the house and all the guests gain at least 5 stone each.

I have the extra table now so we can sit more around it.  We have a very small front room and no dining room so it’s always a squeeze but with having the extra table now plus my old fold up one.. See the hoarder in me knew it would come in handy keeping it at some point.  I have it all planned what goes where for Christmas dinner. I have  a high chair I got for Shelby Anne so even she can sit at the table,  I think I have just about everything ready for the obligatory buffet on Boxing day which is basically nibbles, all the meat left over from Christmas day and salad, pickles and fresh bread rolls. 

Again on Christmas day I always do at least one other joint along with the Turkey. Not sure what I will do yet, in previous years I have done a joint of pork and a joint of beef but then had so much left overs its not true so may just cut back again to just one other joint with the turkey.

The boys have such expensive presents this year.. although I can justify the cost as they would be needed anyway I have only got them a couple of other bits but I do feel rather mean as they haven’t got much to actually open so I may hit the shops or eBay and find some very cheap stocking fillers to bulk stuff out.. even pens and pencils will keep them happy.

Once again Allan is the spoilt one with his new 360 with the bigger hard drive but then the old one we have had for a few years now and I do confess that the reason it needs fixing (we think it’s the laser or something ) is that we have used it to death using it as a dvd player.  Anyway this year we treated ourselves to a new blue ray /dvd player so his new 360 should last a lot longer. plus I have got him a little something he doesn’t know about  (a little pair of spitfire cuff links) to be honest the only time he will probably wear them is when he wears his formal scout leader uniform for events.  He isn’t a shirt and cuff link person but I saw them and just thought they looked cool so hey!

So with the exception of a few cheapo bulk out presents for the boys,  I still have to pick up something for my dad, usually a bottle of something.. he is rather partial to his Glayva or Drambuie but then again he likes his gin and vodka and usually has a wee drink every night and the last bottle he picked up the other day was gin so will have to check next time I go round there what he does need topping up so to speak.
I have picked up something for the boys teachers and assistants and got a box of chocolates for the staff in the office as we see them every week when we get the cardboard. I have also got a few choc’s for the assistant head and head teacher.. as they have been great especially when it comes to Ali and doing all they can to make sure he has all the assistance he needs because of his sight problems.

The head teacher is actually a lovely woman and is always joking with the kids that she wants a blue peter badge every time one of the kids wins one so I have picked up this to go with her chocolates  I think she will see the funny side.

I picked this up for the head teacher.

I picked this up for the head teacher.

I think back to my teachers when I was a kid and with the exception of Mrs Wallice (that’s if I have spelt her name right)
I can’t remember any other teachers being particularly nice in primary school

So getting back to where I was, I am fairly organised, I obviously will leave the fresh veg and meat until as late as possible but where everything else is concerned I think I am there! 

oh and wrapping… I have no wrapping fairy this year so it looks like when the time comes its down to me… I have just remembered I need to get some christmas cards as well,  I usually only send out a few to the very special people and instead of wasting money on boxes of cards and postage to send to all friends and such which to be honest costs as fortune,  I make a donation to Demelza house, usually £25 and I know they appreciate it as I take it in personally. 
erm I also still have to de-clutter the front room and get the decorations out of the loft and put them up :/
So maybe im not that organised yet after all. 



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