I’m in a foul mood today and I mean foul.

we work our arses off collecting cardboard in the van…  dragging it out of places or trolleys flat packing and lifting it in the van and when  van is full then take it to the recycle point and spend ages getting it all out again.. it stinks as we collect from chips shops and all sorts and  it is soggy if it rains.. its bloody cold now sometimes especially when it’s pouring down  and hard work or in the summer back-breaking hot doing it..
We manage on average over a tonne a day and go in the van straight from school from dropping boys off at school and finish about half two when its time to go and get them  two days a week every Tuesday and Wednesday…
Plus extra days if asked and we can fit it in..  We also go out once a month collecting newspapers come rain or shine and filling the van up after we have walked up and don the roads collecting them.. and of course having to empty that as well but first we have to remove all the string and carrier bags that hold them.
Allan is a leader and I am an occasional helper and we both give up our evening every Thursday for the beavers and cubs.. plus weekend camps and St Georges day parades and remembrance Sunday parades etc. and at this time of year he is also doing the carol concert and a play with the kids ,which I was told was just singing and a play done by the kids and now I find out it’s in the Baptist church so there will be a bloody religious service… he knows my views on the boys entering churches.. for historic and education reasons yes but for a religious service I am not happy at all.   To me we don’t celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas at all, as far as the kids are concerned it’s a national Santa day and Easter is national chocolate egg day
Anyway getting to the point. tonight is the leaders Christmas meal they were asked who wanted to go about two months ago ..   6 leaders just said they couldn’t make it or didn’t want to go…Does Allan oh no he says he is going at £15 a head plus drinks… the meal itself is in our local pub come restaurant and is £30 for two so it’s not as if he is getting it cheaper or anything.
We bring in £56 a tonne for the cardboard  (that’s what they get from council grants and the paper mill we recycle to so that’s at least £100 a week and most times we do three tonne  ) Now personally what really fucks me off the most is that
A.  as an occasional helper we do all the bloody work but don’t even get asked if we want to attend the meal.. even though we would have to pay for it and

B I begrudge paying for the bloody meal anyway I think after everything we do they should pay for  the meal anyway..
But then I don’t work my fat arse off for the leaders to have fancy meals and a get together I do it for the kids so I would object to that as well, Personally I think if the GSL wants a group Christmas meal she should pay or forget the idea.. in other groups in the past we have even done Christmas get-to-gethers and everyone brings a course or you go to each house for a separate course.
We are members of an arachnid club and our Christmas meal in a much nicer place is paid for by the club and our membership is only £15 a year for the family.  Allan had paid £5 towards the meal the night it was suggested and expected me to find another £20 to go towards it as it’s within walking distance so he can have a drink.. well I am totally pissed about this,  as per usual I think he is being selfish.. every month they have meetings and every month I am at home with the kids while he fucks off out with the gsl and other leaders…
I am sitting here more and more fucking annoyed every second…  by the time he gets home I have a feeling the bald twat who doesn’t have any balls to say anything to the group leader is close  to being  homeless. I am really peeved with being expected to just sit back and say oh ok if it’s for the scouts etc…
I think we do enough sometimes.
To top it off my dad calls and asks me to take him to the doctors in his car so I had to walk all the way over to his place . at 5.30 this evening to take him in his car for his appointment on the other side of town at 6.30pm.. I have had to call in a favour of a friend to watch the boys at 6pm as Allan had to go out then although the meal is at 7pm and its a five min walk there but he wanted to be punctual  (in other words get a drink ) so I drive my old man there  he goes in.. I wait in-car freezing and then when he is finished i take him back to his and he wants help getting the door open…
And that’s when my phone fell out of my pocket into a big puddle.. he then  thought I would walk home from kemsley to quinton (milton)  the shortest route is 2 miles … at which point I said fuck off.. well actually I said no I would drive his car home… take the boys to school in the morning and then go get his bloody prescription because the chemist are all shut now, and then go back to his and give him his pills and car keys and  walk to where Allan will be in the van collecting cardboard probably in the murston area so another longish walk from his place. although I will probably walk the creek way through the country park I may just calm down by then  Oh and My phone is sitting in rice in the hope that I can resurrect it somehow.

Help I may just kills someone…

And end of Rant.


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