Strop Arse Pre Teenager

My son Alex is 10 well he will be on the 21st

And he is soooo moody at the moment.

This I can cope with to a point cos I understand its all hormonal etc., but I also have an almost 7 yr old boy (Ali) , and they clash sooooo badly at the moment I feel sometimes that I just can’t cope.

Alex hates  Ali but loves him but at the moment its more hate than love , and he winds Ali up big time the problem then is Ali goes into total meltdown and then they just cannot be in the same house, never mind the same room! If the truth is told Ali can wipe the floor with Alex he is so strong and it’s getting to the point where I find him hard to hold back or restrain him from smashing something if he really is annoyed.. Most of the time thankfully Ali just likes to be left alone anyway.

Very occasionally they get on, but mostly they fight and argue over stupid things like who’s turn it is to sit in the chair! Yes seriously they were arguing over what end of the sofa they sat on earlier.

Ali is very hard work at times, never really wanting attention and cannot play on his own in fact he doesn’t play at all unless its something to do with the computer , he won’t watch a dvd or film or program all the way through on the tv because he gets bored so easily where he struggles to see. I guess being blind in one eye makes his eyes ache when he is watching something plus of course he has the attention span of a gnat unless of course he is on the computer. , whereas Alex is happy to go off and spend time alone in his/their room. Or read a book or watch tv and watch something. I am used to dealing with Ali, Although he is Autistic he is middle of the range when it comes to the spectrum so at least he is verbal and can cope at the moment with main stream school and Alex has always been the one who is good as gold.. One thing I can’t complain about is the amount of work they put in at school, both have always had glowing reports so I’m kinda finding it hard to get why Alex is so stressy at the moment.

Alex was really extra stroppy last weekend, all because we said we would play a board game, and by the time we got back on Saturday after being out all day we were really tired and of course Ali didn’t want to play.. he had been away from his beloved computer for hours and that was all he was interested in… Now I know being with us in the town and waiting around was really hard for Ali and to be honest he was a star so I felt I couldn’t suggest ok basically insist that he must play the game with Alex and us. Alex wanted us all to play as you need at least 4 players and teddy as I suggested is not a good substitute for a human … The end result was one strop arse kid
Now Alex is getting to that magic double numbers he wants his own independence and privacy.

He doesn’t want his little brother to keep going in their room when he is reading or wanting to annoy him by asking him to log into what ever joint account they have on the pc for what ever game they have been playing and have Alex play the game on-line with him . Which is a shame because Ali doesn’t often want to interact usually so it’s a rare occasion when he does want company.

He doesn’t want me to wait at the school with Ali when he has an after school clubs (his suggestion is I take Ali home and come back to pick him up) when I say we will go to the park he doesn’t want Ali to come in case he goes into melt down if something gets to him, if we go to parks that are near the school Alex has asked if I can wait in the car with Ali because he will be with his mates and Ali going into one is a show up.
He doesn’t even want his brother to speak to him at school really!!! After all he is a year 5 now and Ali is only a year 3

Like Jekyll and Hyde, one day he is lovely and very helpful , more than happy to go on the computer and play interactive games with Ali or Minecraft etc the next day he wakes up and moans, gets so stroppy, picks arguments, doesn’t do as he is told

I guess this is all part of growing up

Apparently 10 is the new 17………….



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