25 Things Every Kid Should Do Before the Age of 10

I saw this idea posted for ten things all kids should do before ten and I thought no way there should be loads more.. My Boys spend most of their life giggling, be it together or just on their own when they are having fun.  Even Ali has done all these things ok he may not have been the greatest at them because of his sight and co-ordination but he has tried and had fun doing it.


There are things in life that all kids just need to do at some point. I’m not talking about the big things, like going to Alton towers or going on a plane on a holiday abroad or going to Euro Disney, but rather those little, everyday moments that are just full of wonder, joy, and youth.


Some of them are so simple, we don’t even note them when they happen for the first time, but years later, it’s these things we look back on as the core of our childhood. Here are 25 things all kids should do while they’re still kids, a bucket list if you will. See how many your kids have checked off as of now, and add any others you’d like to see on this list in the comments.
This is a list every one of my kids has completed at some point in their lives.. not just the boys either.. My girls have done all of these as well.


1. Lick the Beaters
2. Dance in the Rain
3. Eat a Bug
4. Play in the Mud
5. Climb a Tree
6. Climb Up a Slide

7. Have a Tea Party With Stuffed Animals
8. Roll Down a Grassy Hill
9. Cut Their Own — or a Sibling’s – Hair
10. Make Friends With an Elderly Person
11. Play With Worms
12. Care for a Pet
13. Build a Fort
14. Skip Stones
15. Plant Something & Watch It Grow
16. Go Camping
17. Skin a Knee
18. Go for a long walk in the country side.
19. Fly a Kite
20. Bury Someone in the Sand
21. Make a Snow Angel
22. Race Their Shadow
23. Laugh So Hard juice Comes Out of Their Nose
24. Eat snow, (make sure it’s not yellow 😉 )
25. Make jam from fruit they have picked.






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