Sick, Fuming, Pissed off, Arrrrgghhhhh

Oh what fun it’s 3.20 am  tonight  erm last night, was the last night for beavers and cubs before Christmas, we got back in , I did the boys dinner and got them to bed and dozed off through being totally knackard after having to do shit loads today I go to bed and then can’t sleep because apart from my arms hurting like hell and being full of this cold I have told myself I don’t have time for the whole time I was on my course,  (it waited until I had finished on the Monday but by Tuesday morning I felt like death warmed up)

where was I  my brain is fried.  oh yes the reason I am up at silly o’clock in the morning

I am still fuming after tonight’s well actually last nights events.

Bearing in mind we work our arses off two or three days a week collecting cardboard for the scouts… we drop the boys off to school, pick up the scout van down the road from the school and go out in it collecting cardboard..  when we get it. it is stacked in yards. or left whole all over the place or in garages and we have to flat pack it.. pick it up and of course load the van, when the van is full we take it to the local recycle mill and empty it again by hand into the skips there.. we fill the van every day.. we finish about 2 to 2.20pm just in time to go back up the school to wait and pick the boys up.  Some weeks we go to other places that are not weekly  one place is every 6 weeks  and that place alone was two and a half van loads full in one morning so we were out 4 days this week collecting cardboard, in fact we shifted over 5 tonne this week.  the place we go to that had the mega loads has heavy cardboard stacked and we have to get it from the warehouse and to the van… I have hurt both my arms and I mean hurt.. I am struggling to type never mind anything else I have hurt my elbows and both muscles or something in my forearms. which means moving, lifting or doing anything HURTS!  I am on mega pain killers and its hardly touching it..  
Now once a month we go to three or four roads and collect newspapers from outside houses, we start at 6pm and load them into the van… again this is usually over a tonnes worth..  Both Allan and I have done this every month for the last 15 months, This friday (today) is the paper run night.  We originally had a Christmas meal booked with the bug club so we asked the group scout leader if she could get cover for us for this week as we would be out.. we gave her three months notice.   She finally got cover a week ago,  now the meal was planned but after feeling like crap and having sore arms we decided sod it let someone else do it just this month so we didn’t tell them that we were free after all.

The person doing this lets call him Lazy C*nt  (LC for short) for anonymity because after all we all know this person.  is called LC for various reason ie he does nothing. he is an assistant beaver scout leader… the GSL is a beaver scout leader and all he ever does is sit there talking to the GSL …   There is your back ground  now back to last night.

We all had to be there for 5pm because the last meeting before Christmas the kids do a play for all the parents.  it starts at 5.30  we had to make a well and take it there as the play was around the song there’s is a hole in my bucket. we get it there  (not easy as its huge) we put it up on the stage…. we get all the chairs out for the parents…..  well I say we..  the other assistant cub leader helped along with her son,  the cub leader was setting up and taking due’s in from the cubs the same as the GSL was for the beavers. LC was doing fuck all, ok that is a lie… he is sitting talking to the GSL as well… and that is where he stayed all night. right next to the GSL.  Now she is disabled so obviously can’t walk around or do anything (that’s another bitch of mine… sorry but the kids miss out on so much stuff because she is incapable of doing much and if she cant do it then they don’t, I think there should be someone who is more active to say the least doing the job especially as we are the ones pushing her around the camp-site in her wheelchair all the time because guess who is never near her when she needs a push… oh yes thats the one  LC)  once we got everything set up the parents started coming in, we got the kids on stage and they did the play… LC sitting right next to GSL for the whole thing.. not once got his arse off the chair.  after the play the GSL asked parents if they could help with the paper run collecting papers to take to the van  WTF!! WE DO THAT AND NO FUCKER HELPS US OR HAS BEEN ASKED TO HELP. she then says that LC will be driving the van and that he will need help and that this is how the group gets a lot of the funds from the paper run.  She then thanks him for giving up his spare time, and I mean thanks him the thanks was about five mins long about how grateful she was. blah blah blah. not a mention of us doing it all the time or in the week, Now at this point I am slowly simmering  I mean.. I could say something but for the sake of peace I let it go.
When it was finished and parents went.. everyone helped clean up, sweep, stack chairs, tables etc… well everyone except for guess who……. yep LC and GSL.    And my arms are really killing me by now to the point where in an ideal world I would find a corner and hide away and cry.
we hand over the keys to LC explain to him how we have set up the van ready and to collect from side door etc.. and say if he wants he can also empty it on Monday as it usually takes about 3 hours with the papers as everyone usually puts half a dozen papers in plastic bags and they all have to be taken out.. plastic bags have to be taken off leaflets etc.. he replies.. oh no I didn’t sign up for that……   At which point.. I just reply neither did I but I do it all the time.  I also think this is a good time for me to get the boys in the car to get home and tell Allan I will wait outside for him.. I say goodbye to the cub scout leaders and off I go..   I am seriously fuming.  Allan usually goes in with Ali on a Thursday and helps out at the beavers as well while he is there until Alex starts cubs.. he said LC does very little even though he is the assistant beaver leader.. Chill another assistant cub leader does the same..  Now LC’s son has moved up to cubs so when his son is in cubs he just sits there guess what.. yep talking to GSL  he does nothing to help out at all because he is a beaver leader.. So Chill told me tonight she is doing nothing now to help out at beavers. and I have told Allan the same.. I will take Ali in and I will pay his subs and I will come out again.. I refuse to help out either.  I hope they will be very happy together.. because  The frame of mind I am in, I am so tempted to take Ali out of the beavers there and either put him in another troop or just wait until April until he can go up to cubs. The way I feel at the moment they can stuff their cardboard where the sun doesn’t shine.. after all we don’t do anything to get a mention of thanks. 

I know we are not in it for the thanks, we do it for the kids but feeling shitty and full of lurgy and hurting like hell  this has really got to me tonight.
Thankfully we have told the people we collect from that we are not collecting Christmas week so we are having a weeks break from it.. maybe that will give me time to cool down….
I know you have no idea what I am talking about.. but it’s so much easier to rant here than kill someone in real life. and now its 4.10am and I still can’t sleep as I feel yuk and have a busy day ahead and still haven’t had the time to get the Christmas decorations up.  I think we are going to have to reassess some things.. like home life is going to have to start taking a priority


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