It’s beginning to look a lot like Normal!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, But I’m glad it’s over with.

I love friends and family around but this year I felt burnt out by the day after boxing day.
We had friends stay over during the holiday so on Christmas day there was 9 around the table.  and of course to make space for the table and to allow for a little person being there as well the sacrifice was the big Christmas tree, ok we have Arthur the half a tree that goes on the wall but it’s not the same as having presents under the tree and this is the second year we haven’t had the big tree up as last year there wasn’t room because of the way the furniture was at the time.  The boys were quite disappointed and kept saying that next year can we have the tree up and I tend to agree with them. 

It’s actually been a hectic Christmas,  we went out for a lovely Christmas meal with the other members of the invitation arachnid club , we actually went on the 21st which was Alexs birthday so he made full use of the smart phone we had got him as he is now 1o and wanted to go out and of course all his friends have a phone…  (yes I gave in ) to be honest he has a better phone than me although I didn’t go as far as getting him an iPhone like apparently everyone else has 😉 funny enough the novelty has worn off now and he hasn’t touched it since Christmas but no doubt will do once he has more numbers stored in it than mine, Allan’s and his granddads

Christmas Meal at the Tudor Rose with the Arachnid Club

Christmas Meal at the Tudor Rose with the Arachnid Club

The day before Christmas eve we took the boys to Bluewater to see the Coca Cola Truck, which we got soaked seeing this year as it was pouring down and blowing a gale so much that we had to take our own pictures this year and the tree and everything had blown away twice so they put it away in the end. And of course  we had to go to the lego shop, it’s the closest one to us and the boys love spending their money there.. Alex always had birthday money, In fact Ali still had some money left over from his birthday last July as well, (they save well) so both stocked up with Lego,  we came home with over £100 worth of lego between them,  as they also got some money in their Christmas card from my dad as well.

At Bluewater and the coca cola truch

At Bluewater and the coca cola truch

Christmas came and as I said the house was full from Christmas eve until after boxing day, and I was the one running around doing all the work. The morning after everyone had left and it was just back to us again I woke up feeling like someone had slit my throat, and things have gone downhill since then with me now in full fledge Man Flu!  But despite that we have managed to get the house back to normal.  (well as normal as this house gets)
I haven’t taken the decorations down yet but I can’t see them staying up much longer, it’s just a matter of when I feel better.  The room already looks better to me just swapping the tables around again.. we have a leaf table and another oval table and this year one was used for serving from and the other we sat around.  

The boys got a few presents but in comparison with previous years not as many although they did have a guitar and keyboard to share, an MP4 player each, a few games, a camcorder each as they both love doing videos and the main present a laptop which we went halves with my dad to get. oh and a onesie… they have been going on about getting one for a long time and finally they have one… actually with the exception of going out on the 28th for fish and chips where I made them take them off for a few hours so I could wash and dry them. and of course as soon as they came out of the tumble dryer they put them back on again and still have them on.

christmas say

I ended up getting a rather expensive Christmas present on the 27th as my beloved range cooker had just about passed away so to speak.  For a lovely big stainless cooker the knobs were plastic and it had 11 and I had used pliers to turn them as they had all broken. to replace them it was £11.99 each so that would have been over £130 just for that, but the seal had gone in one of the ovens so I was struggling to get the right temperature and cook with it and the electrics had gone for the fan assisted oven and the warming plate and of course ignition, while it was a gas cooker without the electric fan the oven wouldn’t work, so I was down to a grill, an oven that was hit and miss and 7 rings….   So the credit card that we had spent two years trying to clear and had nearly paid up with the intention of getting rid of it once and for all took a beating.  we actually had to order a new card first as we had even cut it up.. and lo and behold a new cooker was being delivered.  Sadly they couldn’t deliver in time for Christmas but it’s here now.  And we couldn’t afford to replace the old cooker with the same so this was as close as I got… only one oven but its HUGE! instead of two smaller ovens, one grill and a slow oven which I never used except for storage because I used my slow cooker instead. I am going to treat myself to a huge tray bake tray when I can..
So goodbye old cooker, you served me well and hello new cooker!

I'm Spoilt for ChoiceThis picture was of the old cooker years ago when it actually had all the knobs on it.
and this is the new cooker.


Anyway that was Christmas and while I loved having the house full we have decided that next year for the first time in many years it will just be Me, Allan. My dad (if he is still about so to speak but that’s another story when Christmas is over)  and Amber if she is still living with us and the boys for Christmas dinner. We will have the big tree up and instead we will have open house for Family and Friends on Boxing day. 

We were very boring last night as I was still not feeling well (Cant believe that I have gone the whole of the holidays and new years eve without a single drop of Alcohol ) although I may make up for it today and have a glass of wine. Anyway we stayed in and watched a few more of my Call the Midwife dvd’s that I treated myself to for Christmas.

So for now if you are still awake after all this waffling on
I Wish you a Happy New Year and may all your hopes and dreams come true in 2014



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