Can a long weekend be classed as a holiday?

If the answer is yes then I have booked a holiday for three nights in May to our usual place.

Yes I know people slag Pontins and camber sands off big time especially the accommodation but you get what you pay for..

If they pay 45 pounds for a 3 night break for 6 and go for the popular or classic  then the chalet you get is going to be pretty dire,  If you pay more and go for club accommodation then hey it’s lovely and for the last three years that is what we have done they have not long refurbished them all so I have never been able to fault anything, usually I go for the upstairs  club two bed.

One with bunk beds  in one bedroom and the other bedroom  has two single beds which  we push together and sitting room that has a sleep sofa which we don’t use  so we keep it as a sitting room with the sofa and digital tv, then of course you have the rest of the chalet which is a fitted kitchen, dinning room and sliding doors to out on the balcony, but this time I went for club ground floor, I’m hoping I have gone for the usual  sleeping arrangements in the bedrooms, but the pc froze before I could  check I do know it’s two bedrooms and sitting room so three bed altogether, I’m not sure if I booked two single beds and bunks or two sets of bunk beds  or one room with a single bed and the other bunk beds, oh well if I did we can always sleep on the bed sofa .

The good thing is the boys know their way around they have been 5 or 6 times before and as both can swim they can go to the pool on their own, which means relax time for us and there is a beautiful beach there as well which we take the metal detectors to the dunes,  Even when the weather  is  bad you can walk for  miles along the sandy beaches or stay indoors while the kids are off to the swimming pool and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

As long as I remember to take a  bottle opener and a corkscrew with us we are happy and the boys love their weekend of freedom . 

Even better is the fact that the blue cross price   price was halved for us because we were such loyal customers over the last few years so we went again for the club class
It may not be much but to us it’s a holiday .  not told the boys yet I will leave it as a surprise until we get them in the car after school when we leave straight from school to go there



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