Dream On! Part 2

Because I hit the wrong button typing this up on the tablet instead of on my pc…….  So  part of the rough draft got published by mistake… apologies..  


So as I was saying  the place I would love would be a home but also part of a business……. 
Can this dream be achieved……….  
Well YES….
As I get older I find myself watching more and more tv programs like escape to the country http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006vb2f

And in nearly every episode there is a house which I would quite happily call home if I had the finances.

On average I could get what I want for about £600k with about 50k for alterations or additions such as my pool lol   It just depends on what part of the country I would want to go to..
Well with the exception of my dad (but then something could be sorted or he may not even be around by the time this could ever be a dream come true)
I have no ties that would keep me in Kent..  Seriously I learned a long time ago that you can live anywhere and still keep in touch with friends and that was before the internet.   So if I can keep on contact with friends via snail mail for years from America to the uk

I’m sure I could keep in contact with anyone I wished to via skype or facebook or another means of communication.

To be honest I sometimes think I could do with a clean break especially from this house and village..

That covers Dream  with the sensible hat on!


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