Dream On!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I guess it all depends on how much you win.

Say for instance I won 3 or 4 million or more It would be total life changing to the point of maybe even leaving the country in search of a warmer climate.

If less but still enough to live a good life without being silly with the money I would love to move somewhere where there is lots of open country side for walks  and climbing, but close enough to civilization that the boys would be able to get to friends and school without being miles away from anything. 

A house in the country with about 11 acre’s of land with woodland, a stream or brook with a little waterfall would be nice.

It would have to have 5 or even 6 bedrooms a couple of which must be en suite with bathrooms with of course another upstairs,  a huge kitchen, utility room with a little shower and loo off it so when the dogs and anyone else comes in all muddy they can be cleaned off and somewhere to store the muddy wellies   Yes we love the outdoors and Peppa Pig is not the  only one who likes jumping in muddy puddles.

What else hmmmm oh yes,  two front rooms one for the kids to hang out and one for us lol  a games room with room for a darts board and bar oh and a pool table.   speaking of pool table a pool is another thing on the wish list.
One that is indoors, heated of course but it also leads to outside  so the dream of swimming in the snow can be achieved without freezing to death, with a jacuzzi next to it. 

Ideally I would love somewhere where I could turn an outhouse into another kitchen area for baking or cooking for a little business to keep things ticking over. 
A separate holiday let on the grounds to generate income.   maybe even some of the land could be turned into a back to  basics camp-site,  with features like climbing walls and other activities. 


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