It’s all about the Fur Kids………


Following on from my what I would do with the lottery win….. I would love to get my dream dogs……

It is  another dream but this wouldn’t be hard to do

If only I had just a little more space in the house

The problem is both Ali and I suffer from Asthma and of course dog hair aggravates it.
However I couldn’t live dog free… I did for about 6 years from when I lost my five dogs when I had to leave them behind and the new life started.. until Allan decided we needed a dog…
Now I have had many dogs over the years… From When I was little we had a Border Collie called Panda, this dog was well-travelled as we took her abroad with us when my dad was posted to Germany and she had to do 6 months in quarantine to come back into the uk where sadly she picked up an infection and had to be put to sleep not long after she had done her time,  this was heart breaking for me as I don’t remember a time in my life when we didn’t have her.  I was promised another dog straight away and my dad decided he wanted to choose the next dog we had so we got a cocker spaniel called Bobby which is the only dog I have ever owned that was kicked out of obedience classes.
I remember taking him to a hall in Milton and he disrupted the class so much he was expelled… the three-month old puppy was a handful and continued to be,  he ate his way through two-three piece suits and the kitchen table, carpets and even a bed before my mum and dad admitted defeat when he was about two and re-homed him to someone they knew who had a farm where he could live happily with their dogs..   

Now my brother and I have always suffered from Asthma although horses seemed to be the worst thing to trigger off any chronic attacks but we were still always wheezy.  It was only after we re-homed Bobby and actually had a dog free house for a few years that it proved that the dogs hair had also affected us because we were both relatively fine, in fact the only time we ever got chesty was when we were full of cold other than that no problems.   So my mum decided that was it… No More Dogs Ever!!   

This lasted about four years until I begged and begged for another dog… She then did some investigations and found out there was a breed of dog we could have because they didn’t shed and lose hair as it wasn’t like normal dogs hair…. a poodle!  I had  visions of this huge white poncy thing with pom poms and to be honest I think I preferred to have no dog.  But she took us to see a lady who breed miniature poodles and they were apricot in colour which was actually a nice colour… one look and I couldn’t resist…Although I did make my mum promise that it would never be clipped into a poncy pom pom haircut so we just had what they called the puppy clip… I haven’t got any pics but here is one exactly like the first one we got…. actually its like the second and third… as we ended up with three over the years All miniature and all apricot.. Mitzi, Nikki and Tasha, miniature-poodle-1a 

I have to confess that yes I was fairly healthy with these dogs, No problem with dog hairs everywhere………  

Then I left home and of course wanted something other than a poodle… I knew better… of course I wouldn’t get ill. 

I looked at puppies and have always had this thing for either fluffy dogs or ugly dogs lol   I knew the fluffy dogs would make me worse so I went for the ugly dog breed and saw the most delightful puppy for sale going. 1388357328_569734403_7-American-pit-bull-terrier-puppies-for-sale-UKCADBA-

I saw the parents who were the most friendliest dogs I had seen, a lovely short coat and I couldn’t resist… I bought the puppy,  What was it you ask,
It was an American Pit bull Terrier…..   I called her Mina and she was loving and loyal and loved the kids to bits.. I had my three oldest at the time.   I soon got another one,  and then took in three rescue ones.. I became good friends with the dog warden and I soon became a designated and registered rescue for them they had become a breed for all the so-called “hard” people to have as a status symbol and nine times out of ten needed re-homing because their owner had  been sent down for something.. Others used the dogs for fighting…….. 
In the end I must have had over 8 but managed to rehome some to good homes and had two which were mine… Mina and Arnold…   I breed them once and then the law came in about how dangerous they were and so the dangerous dogs act came in and I had to get them spayed and neutered, Had to get insurance for them, both had to have a tattoo and both had to be muzzled in public and could not be walked or owned by anyone else..    eventually I had to have Mina put to sleep because her stomach turned and the vet could do nothing for her… or said they couldnt.. I often wonder if she had been any other breed of dog if they would have done more for her..  Then a few years later Arnold got cancer and despite being ill lasted another year before it was kinder to let him go.
I  had another two children before I decided I wanted another dog… again going for the ugly dog I went for a shar pei.  I got a black puppy called Zelda who while loyal to me and the kids was a feisty little thing with everyone else….   They are the wrinkle dogs… however it was only after I got her that I found out that they too were originally Chinese fighting dogs..   although over the centuries that had stopped and in fact they are now quite rare.. The problem is while they look lovely and wrinkly when they are puppies they grow out of it as they get older and end up with just a few wrinkles, at which point the owners get bored and want another dog because they have lost the cute look.  and yes I took in rescue dogs again… I had five in the end.. I did have more but one got killed on a road by a field as he saw something on a long walk and chased after it straight in front of a car..  I buried Ben in the garden.  Over the years I lost two more due to health problems so it was down to another one who looked like ben and zelda still  . I split from the ex and he had one and I had zelda as she hated him  *good doggy*  sadly I couldn’t take her with me but she is still happily living  with my oldest daughter…….  the whole time I had the dogs I was ill  I mean seriously ill I lived off my in-hailer all the time..  but refused to get rid of the dogs.  after I moved in with Allan
I said then no more dogs…………. until…………..   of course he wanted to get a dog and we got Teal’c from Foal Farm Rescue Centre… my only insistence of us getting another dog was it had to be short haired.. and  a puppy as we had the boys and I prefer puppies when you have kids..

and now we have Molly otherwise known as Moo Bags as well (another rescue) and they love each other to bits lol they both have a crate for a bed with a huge leather cushion in it but both still like to be together..  and love cuddling up


Teal’c and Molly having a cuddle…….. She much prefers getting in his bed with him

So back to my dream dogs… I would love to get another collie and I have always wanted a Dogue de Bordeaux but just need a house big enough with a big enough garden………

Maybe if I get my house with the 11 acres …….

PicMonkey Collage

The dream dogs


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