Hedge Laying at Milton Creek Country Park

Allan was very busy last month and if you read above this is what he was up to.  you cant miss him, he was the one in the high viz coat that looked like a hitman


The Green Man

It is thought the word hedge may come from the old English ‘Hege’ or Anglo Saxon ‘Haga’, and the art of hedge laying is thought to go back many centuries. Some form of it starting with early settlements as a means of stock control, marking boundaries or as a defensive wall, (similar to dead hedges). In fact Julius Caesar wrote in 55BC about a tribe from Flanders called the ‘Nervi’ who; “Cut into slender trees and bent them over so that many branches came out along the length; they finished this off by inserting brambles and briars, so that these hedges formed a defence like wall, which could not only not be penetrated but not even seen through”

As agriculture evolved over the centuries, hedgerows became an essential part of farming, not only being boundary markers or a means of stock control but by providing wood for fuel…

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