Busy Busy Busy, Let’s play catch up

Yes I know I always say that.. and to be honest the only reason I am finding the time now is because Allan has taken the boys on a cubs sixer (Alex is a sixer) and seconders  crazy camp out in cardboard boxes at one of the local scout HQ halls.  Ali has gone along even though he isn’t officially a sixer or seconder with the cubs  he is a lodge leader with the beavers and due to go up to the cubs at Easter.

Anyway I digress, the only reason I have time now is that I am on my own and not crawling into bed.

Well I say on my own… of course Amber is here… or not here… she is out as per usual, but will no doubt come in during the early hours of the morning. and I have Shelby here… My little weekend visitor, We tend to have her here every weekend now from Friday to Monday so her mum can get some much-needed rest and one to one time with her other daughter.. Shannon who is now 6 week old or will be in a few hours.  Shelby is 14 months old and as good as gold and the boys love having a part-time sister.  Alex because he loves little ones and is always making a fuss and playing with her and Ali because she doesn’t actually live here full-time.. He secretly likes her but wouldn’t admit it.. but you see him talking to her when no one is looking..

So what else has happened..  Ali has so far been well, thank goodness… still on major medication but if it works then that’s all I worry about.
Despite the weather being lousy and it raining most of the time.. when we have dry days we are out with the boys, we took them both and Shelby to riverside country park a couple of weeks ago… it was a lovely day apart from being muddy but the kids all enjoyed a day out in the fresh air.
PicMonkey Collage1

Oh yes… Alex had his Class play… He was a miner and had to get up and tell the tale of how hard the children had it in Victorian times and how what it was like,  As it goes it wasn’t that hard to find the outfit for him… we borrowed his granddads flat cap, he had the brown t-shirt and cut up shirt from his Tudor day and as we didn’t have any tatty brown trousers.. actually we didst even have any good ones as I have to say it’s not a colour I would go out and buy for trousers for the boys… so we compromised and found an old pair of pj bottoms that were too small and I had put in the Phil the bag ready to give to our local christmas lights, I’m sure they wont mind getting them next month instead.

PicMonkey CollageWQ

Lets see what else………

One had luncheon with the Mayor 

(ok that’s a slight exaggeration, It was a buffet lunch )

With All the courses I have done, some were through our housing association , I had taken some sugarcraft ones and cake decorating along with doing the learning champion course with Allan, it was doing these which got me into the learning bug in the first place…. then I went on to the Adult education College and started enrolling in other things.   Anyway we got an invitation through the post inviting both Allan and I to a celebration of Achievement,  we thought it was just to push the 2014 courses so we said we would go along..   When we got there we had to sign in which we thought was strange and then we saw some familiar faces……  And another familiar face.. Sue.. As we know her through our being members of the Friends of Milton Creek Country Park.  

Sue who we know very well, Is the Mayor of Swale.
And she was wearing her bling..
So the days events went like this
And then it was out turn to receive our awards from Sue , we got a certificate and a nice boxed pen…  (the pen was rather lumpy to scan lol )
Afterwards she came over to talk to us and the first thing I said was it makes a change to see her with her Hair done and the bling… we usually see her dishevelled and in wellies. or attending meetings in her civvies.

I have to admit it was a nice surprise..  we hadn’t expected to have all this.. like I said we just thought they were rolling out the new courses for this year that were going to be available.  There were official pictures taken of us receiving our awards but we haven’t got a copy yet.  but we were in the papers
(that’s twice in two weeks for Allan and not once for being arrested lol )

PicMonkey Collage
Thankfully I was at the back of the picture in the paper and its so bad quality I can’t be recognised.  But I am there next to Allan   He is in the white and black shirt on the left-hand side of the picture at the back and I am in a red top with my badge between my boobs lol Depending on what the official pictures are like I may post one on here when we get them. 

(I avoid any public pictures of myself because of the Arsehole I call a husband still, Hence the reason why I don’t even have a profile picture of me on facebook) 

Well  that is it for now!  Phew!!!



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