All the colours of a Rainbow….. The Bruises of all Bruises

At last the bruises have gone… and its only taken three weeks.

I am not accident prone honest… But when I do end up with a boo boo I have a good one…
Although its usually burns……….

or broken bones…… or getting bitten by a 4ft long Iguana

Or More Burns

So what’s the latest thing.
Well before I start I would like to say it’s not my fault..
I blame Allan… Well it has to be someone’s fault

Maybe I could blame my dad.. after all it was his scooter we were charging up in the middle of the kitchen..
YES! It was my dads fault.

ok It was my fault, I was making a cup of tea and just not looking where I was walking.. I tripped over his scooter base in the kitchen and bashed myself against the counter top…….
And I mean bashed.
I bruised my arms. legs, and erm chest…… ok boobs to be exact.. I had black boobs for three weeks.  I bet my nipples were blacker than Whoopi Goldberg’s and I still have a lovely big lump there…. Although the nurse at the doctors says I should leave it another three weeks before they need to check it out again if it’s not gone.  (I went for my Asthma clinic and she could see some of the bruising and asked.)
Anyway to prove that I had bruises with lots of colours in.. Here are a few pics of the ones on my arms..
you are lucky I never took any of my chest lol
PicMonkey Collage


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