Sparkys Adventures!

Sparky is the class mascot… every weekend or so one of the kids gets to bring him home and write in his book what he did.

Well Ali came home with him at the beginning of the holiday.

So this is what he put in Sparkys book

What sparky did when he stayed with me by Ali Smedley

Sparky set up his own Moshi monsters account so he could play on the computer.




He may like to play at other people’s houses so if he wants to the link is

And his owner name is


and the password is


He also came with me to the cubs cardboard box camp out


We also went to Hornbys and looked around the shop and museum and then made a model and afterwards Sparky had a burger king.


Another day out Sparky came on was to see Greenwich.

He saw the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum and lots of other places in Greenwich. I think Sparky enjoyed his visit with me.



Well I don’t know about Sparky enjoying his visit but Ali enjoyed having him stay with us…  for a boy who doesn’t do toys he loves stuffed toys..   to the point where he was rather upset to see Sparky go……  hmmmm  Not impressed at the fact that Sparky  cost over £25 to £35 to replace but we will see what happens and if he can wait as Ali has decided he may like his own Sparky for his birthday.




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