It’s Nice when hard work and taking the time is rewarded.

Both Allan and I have been “Friends of Milton Creek Country Park” for the last year or two now and we are both also on the sub committee for the Art in the Park event which is due to take place in the summer by the way.



This was presented to all the friends for all the work done.

The award was accepted by Lynda Marshall and Ed Courtney on behalf of the friends…




The Sittingbourne Society founded in 1977 to keep a watchful eye on developments and campaign for various improvements in and around Sittingbourne, has presented three local good causes with cheques and a rather impressive trophy.
The main award of the evening was the Society Rose Bowl presentation to Lynda Marshall and Ed Courtney of the Friends of Milton Creek Country Park (they also received a cheque for £500 a new bench for the park from the John George Jordan Bequest fund).


This was posted on the friends of Milton creek Country Park  facebook page.

It’s and open page so anyone can look


Well done everyone for all your hard work to help improve the Park. I have just received the certificate from the Sittingbourne Society to go with the Rose Bowl that we have been awarded in recognition of all our efforts.





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