Whoever woke me up is going to die!

Having spent many years as a complete insomniac sometimes going days with no sleep, As my kids have got older…… My body can now actually go to sleep. My problem is when someone WAKES me up once I have gone to sleep, Whether I have had half an hour or a few hours. Once I have woken up I lay there, I can not go back to sleep, I have learnt over the years not to get up, read a book, go on Facebook because this makes it worse.. I lie there in the dark, I lie there until daylight sometimes. You may not know you have woken me up but you have. Some days I get so tired that I am finally ready to snap and kill someone… Today is one of those days.

At the moment I am sleeping on the sofa bed downstairs so actually trying to get to sleep with the hall light on is hard enough in the first place because the stop-out hasn’t got in yet… But what is worse is when the so-called stop-out wakes me up when she gets in. I then begin my long sleepless night, lying in bed in the dark, trying to get back to sleep again.. looking at the time every hour or so… In last nights case the last time I actually looked at the time was about 4.45am although I didn’t go to sleep then, Like I said that is what time I last checked the time not went to sleep.

Unlike some lazy cow who can wake up with a headache and go back to bed until 3.10pm yes I said PM. I get up early because we have school to get the boys up for. or we have other things that need doing.. Anything past 8am to me is a long lie in even at weekends. I just can’t do it I can’t lay in bed in the mornings. I have spent years getting up with kids. My body doesn’t know Lay in. Unlike a certain person who cant even put their own dirty washing in the machine if its dirty in there or keep it together in her room until its time to bring it all down and prefers to throw it on the floor in the kitchen. Nice……. Dirty Knickers on the floor

So to say that I am in the mood to kill today is an understatement. Revenge isn’t even sweet. I pushed the button on the smoke alarm for a good five mins this morning to wake the lazy mare up to see how she likes it.. and Nope that didn’t even work…….. You know what.. If the house really was on fire I would let you burn…….

Be warned this is the last time this is going to happen.. because the door will be locked at midnight Sunday night to Friday night and 1am on Friday night and Saturday night unless there is a special occasion which deems staying out later. If a certain person is locked out more than three nights… That certain person can find somewhere else to bloody live. MY HOUSE MY RULES!


I figure I might as well put this here because it doesn’t seem to go into your thick head when we tell you.



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