A glimpse of spring/summer

The last week or so we have had beautiful weather. The sun has shone its been warmer and we have been able to get out and about.
I’m really looking forward to the Easter holidays when the kids break up from school only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to go now and that’s it.. I have outings planned for the Easter Break and summer holidays.
We have a cub camp coming up in June & its getting time to prepare for the other activities planned.
Our mini holiday to Camber sands is also coming up in May and we have said we would take one of Alex’s friends with us and of course our little weekend house guest most likely.
The weather may have turned colder and wetter again although today was quite sunny again and slightly warmer  and we had a few downpours but it’s still not been that bad. At least it was ok for the Easter Egg hunt for the cubs last Thursday. I had visions of them trawling the woods for plastic eggs covered in mud.
We have this weekend and then I will be counting down the hours till next Wednesday when they break up from school and then they go back to school. 
And I will be saying I can’t wait till Summer I want new flip-flops, although with all the rain we have had this winter Im sure my toes should already be webbed like flippers.


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