Not our day!


I don’t often get the chance to get on the internet nowadays as I am usually busy doing something or the boys are on the pc’s  (yes they have their laptops but still use the pcs for gaming as its easier)  but Allan is doing a disco tonight so wont be back until late… The boys have been fed and I have told them for their own safety to go to bed otherwise I will kill them.    We took them out to Canterbury today and popped into Morrisons to pick up some bread as it was by the park and ride and they wanted lunch so we had fish and chips there…….  10 x better than the Sittingbourne branch and more comfortable to sit in…

(I was told this is because the café had been established a lot longer)

Anyway.. we went to get into the landrover to go home so Allan could go and do the disco as he had to be there for 2pm to take the trailer and set up when the landrover wouldn’t start.  due to the position it was parked in there was no space for another car to get up along side to jump start us so I had to call out the RAC.
The waiting time would be within 75 mins..   (and yes they arrived 75 mins after we called them)  The new battery we were sold last year ( we have had a lot of problems starting the bloody thing and changing heat plugs etc) is apparently not up to the job for starting a diesel landrover and more for starting a petrol fiesta.  Fuck Fuck Fuck!  Seriously I am not impressed as we had to drive all over the place to actually get that one just before the winter and the place we got it off was even recommended to us by Island 4×4 who specialise in bloody landrovers.   It took two mins for the RAC guy to get the landrover started.
Anyhooo  we are running late……. The boys are arguing because Ali had peeled a sticker off the back of  Alex’s MP4 player when he borrowed it as his had run out of charge.

Thankfully Shelby Our weekend guest was as good as gold the whole time and sat in her seat playing with a toy I had taken and having her drink.
we got back home and Allan was going to drop us off and then go and pick up the trailer with the disco equipment in….  one slight problem.. I didn’t have my door keys on me so he had to turn the landrover off .  unlocked the front door and Nope the fucker wouldn’t start again.  Thankfully he hadn’t blocked the drive so I could get my car out and jump start him so he could go… but we need to get the landy sorted asap as I have sold my car and it goes on April 11th  (I didn’t see the point in keeping it now as I hardly ever use it and one car does us fine… and it will save us some money not having to tax, insure and run  two cars.)

So what else could go wrong…….. Well Alex and Ali are still at each others throats but what else is new.. they just clash at the moment………..  Allan has the Arse because he was late…………  But then he has had the Arse constantly lately….   I wonder if I can make a secret camp in the loft so when they are all in a foul mood over the holidays I can have a safe place to hide………

Tomorrows Another day!


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