Parents evening. It would be a proud mummy moment if they were as good at home!

This is my status for this evening on facebook.  for those who are on my friends list you may have already seen it but for those who are not on my friends list  here we go!

Last Wednesday I went to a parents evening for both the boys..
They both got excellent reports….. Both work really hard.. Ali even speaks to one of the teachers (although she admits that they have never actually had a conversation out of him since he started school) but he does as he is asked work wise and will reply when asked. and his mental maths is fantastic.
His only fault is his handwriting but as he is blind in his left eye and left-handed he cant even see what he has written until he is halfway across the page. Alex is a pleasure to teach… Seriously?
He works hard..  In fact no one could say a bad word about either of them.
SO why are they such hard work at home?..
Alex is the most obnoxious little s**t I have ever known and Ali is just hard work and living on the edge of Meltdown constantly.
Alex knows exactly which buttons to push and boy is he pushing Ali.
I know he is working hard and a lot is just sensory overload but Alex is winding him up and getting to the point of pushing him over the top. we have warned him again and again, and Ali is going seriously going to kill him……..

So if you see me with a shovel in the dark of night digging a big hole in the garden… It wasn’t me who killed Alex… it was Ali!!
They are like this all the time except tonight… Allan was out tonight and we had peace………….. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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