Wow didn’t see that coming.

Today is my dad’s 80th Birthday!

Yesterday when we popped around my dads when we were out in the van collecting cardboard  he played me a message on his answer-phone that he had received in the morning while he was out up the shop.  The message was from the doctor at the hospital in the cardiac unit  asking him to attend an appointment up Medway hospital at 12 pm today.
No explanation what was wrong or what it was about just that he had made an appointment and for him to be there.

So Allan goes out in the van on his own (we both usually go ) to do the scout cardboard collections and I drive my dad to Medway Hospital. We get there expecting to discuss the results of an ECG he had last week over a 24hr period when he wore it at home and we dropped it back to the hospital on Wednesday night. 
Well we see the doctor and he says the my dad will benefit from a pacemaker. Ok fine expecting to be told about waiting lists ect . I ask so what happens now? 
And the doctor says he needs to operate as my dads heart is running slow which is bad and can cause a heart attack but it also has times when it races which is really bad and can cause instant death. The muscles are also weak both sides so he needs that fixing and then he needs a pacemaker that deals with both sides but also has a defibrillator built-in so if his heart races and stops he gets a kick start.

He then said he has cleared his surgery tomorrow afternoon and can we come back at 2pm and he will do the open heart surgery at 3pm . WTF? 
Dad has to stay in after op and then when he comes home he can’t drive for a month but if the defibrillator kicks in he can’t drive for 6 months .
Wow not how I expected today to turn out!

To say I am slightly worried is an understatement!


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