Mental Note… Never get rid of baby stuff you never know when its needed!

No I’m not pregnant!! I want to get that clear before I say anything else lol

Ever since I have had kids I have had to replace everything baby wise on more than one occasion.
When I was pregnant with Michael I got everything new before he was born… After his birth and loss I gave everything away as it held to many memories.
When I was pregnant with Daniel I got everything needed together again………..
I got pregnant straight away after his birth so kept everything but lo and behold I had twins  so yes had to get duplicates of most stuff..
the twins got to about 5 and I gave away everything.   And yes got pregnant a few years later……
I got everything again when I had Andrew. Straight after Andrew I had Hayley so bearing in mind he was still in his cot and high chair etc I had to again double up on some items.
After Hayley there was to be no more children for me…   So yes I got rid of everything again.. I always passed everything on to some one I knew who was starting out or needed stuff.. I have never sold anything.
Then I became a registered child minder and  started looking after a friends little girl who was 3, her name was Mercedes and while her mum worked away she would stay with me in the week and go home to mummy at the weekend.   ok I didn’t need equipment  but I did buy lots of clothes etc and of course some safety equipment.
I had to stop after a year because as well as it being confusing for the poor child, I was becoming her mum.. she would be with me all the time and I worked it out that she actually spent less than 18 AWAKE hours with her mum a week. It was getting harder and harder for me to give her back to her mum and she was due to start school soon and her mum even suggested that I have her school terms and she would have her at the weekends on holidays…    Dont get me wrong her mum loved her to bits but had a very demanding job and wanted the best for her daughter and thought that it would be less disruptive when it came to school.  I on the other hand thought she should be at home with her mum…. It was getting way to hard for me to give her back and it was hard on her as well, handing over a screaming child clinging to me like mad  every is not good.  So her mum found a nanny and so it wasn’t hard on Mercedes I had her less and less.

Rather than a clean break which would have upset her I did it  slowly she started looking forward to going home which is how it should be. 

All the clothes I had bought got put away in the trunk with the other special clothes that I had hung onto from the other kids.
Anyway I digressed so back to the original subject.

All equipment was given away.
Fast forward what feels like a lifetime.. And I am now with Allan.
And pregnant.. and of course… Had to start again from scratch.  Some stuff was given away again after its use was finished after all I was 41 I did hold on to a few bits bearing in mind Allan had two girls and hey you never know…. And We had been trying for another baby but after a number of miscarriages I decided that was it.. Im too old now!
So yep I got rid of nearly everything…
And fell pregnant with Ali…………….    here we go again!!

Despite Ali being an Emergency C-section (my one and only) and being told not to have another one for at least a few years.  My body clock was ticking and we tried straight away.. again a number of miscarriages followed until Ali was about 2 1/2 then nothing…  So everything went up in the loft as he grew out of it or the equipment had no use.. We had a small cot.. two cotbeds.. (one  new as I bought it for Ali and then two weeks later Alex went into a bed so we never got around to putting it together and used Alexs old one instead.  I kept both the double three-wheeler and single three-wheeler pushchairs.. I kept the buggy, Car seats. bouncy chairs.. I kept everything.

When Ali was about 4 I gave away the small cot, car seats, Moses basket and other bits to a friend who was expecting her second child. but still had the majority of stuff including all the clothes as they boys were growing out of them.  
When Ali was about 5 a new neighbour moved in (Jo) so at least I had some one to pass down clothes to as Adam although older than Ali was smaller than him so she had all the boys clothes as they grew out of them.
With the exception of a buggy which I gave to a young girl in the road who had two little ones and couldn’t get about in the snow so I gave her my double urban detour, I still had everything else

Fast forward to the end of 2012 and another friends partner was having a baby so we decided to empty the loft… They had everything right down to 6 black sacks of clothes some boys some girls,  they had a cot bed (for some reason I couldn’t part with the new one) they had all the other equipment, they had the single three-wheeler, they had the buggy.. The loft was empty of baby stuff with the exception of one brand new cotbed and a box i kept which had a few outfits that all my kids had worn that I had saved for sentimental reasons.

And now since they have had another one.. We have Shelby every weekend.. she loves coming and we love having her. and to make life easier for us… we have bought. A high chair, travel cot for her to sleep in although we are soon re homing a wardrobe in our room to bring the cotbed down for her. we have bought clothes, a chest of draws to keep her stuff in..a car seat.  and I even got a new pushchair but also has a carry cot bit as well so when Shannon comes I have somewhere to put her. I have another baby bouncing chair and door bouncer for her.  I even had to get a baby changing bag so when we go out I have everything for Shelby.. and bonus  the three-wheeler which I loved we got back as it had a flat tyre and they no longer used it .. Allan put two new inner tubes in, and fixed the punctures, I took the whole lot apart and washed the seat, hood and shopping basked. I repaired the shopping basket where it had worn through at the bottom where it had been overloaded, and I bought a new raincover to replace the torn one.  And now that will stay with us..    The other pushchair I have.. well that has gone up in the loft now…….   and will stay there until I ever have a use for it again…   Amber is now 21 who knows grandchildren may arrive or I may need it for Shannon  

But I’m hanging onto everything now when its finished with … Just in case! 
I guess I’m  the hoarder lol


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