What a Dick

Ok so my dad’s had his operation and I’m given all the paperwork at the hospital and he is being  discharged later on (Friday) and I have to go back to the hospital at 14.00hrs to pick him up . I have been into his doctors to let them know about his surgery and said I had a letter for the  nurse to deal with the wound check and dressing changes and was told that their practice nurse didn’t deal with things like that and to call the district nurse. I book him an appointment Monday at 16.30 for a prescription review as his blood sugars were dangerously low at the hospital and they thought he was on too high a dose of his medication.  I call and make arrangements for the district nurse to come out and check the dressing for him on Tuesday and also do the final stitches and wound check on the 14th.   Sorted! I go back to the hospital and pick him up, of the way back we stop off at home to have a cup of tea and he was given another letter saying about a dressing check on Sunday so I call them up to arrange a visit Sunday they will call me back to arrange what time they will come.  I give them his number to arrange it with him or me on my number if he’s still with me depending on how long we are before I take him home.
We have another tea and leave. I get to his flat and just get him settled in bed when the phone rings and its Allan the district nurse has said they can only come out on Sunday if he is housebound so he says oh he’s not so they now say they won’t come out at all. So I have to now take him to the local hospital to wait in a take a ticket system to get it checked. A pain but ok if I have to. Roll on to Saturday morning. I go around there and he is in a right mess. Because he hasn’t had his water pills and metformin (was told not to take them until the 6th) he feels like shit as his blood sugars are all over the place. He can’t pee properly but is constantly dribbling so Is soaked all time,  the pain has kicked in from the  operation now and the  tiredness and to top it off ,the dressing is now  starting to come off.
And of course It’s now the weekend and I can’t get hold of the district nurse to come out and check him. If Allan had kept his fucking  mouth shut and just said I was taking him home and to call at his place it would have been sorted. What a Dick for fuck sake if being disabled and hardly able to walk, diabetic, Unable to drive and just had major surgery doesn’t make you housebound I don’t know what does. In the meantime my dad is getting worse. I’m not even sure I can get him to the doctors Monday the state he  in, so am going to have to call the hospital back in the morning Sunday. Oh and what else makes Allan  a Dick is that he still arranged to have Shelby for the weekend  knowing my dad was going in for a major operation ,yes that is fine but he had a hike planned for Sunday as well  to help a scout leader and then offered on Friday after he was told I would now have to take my dad to the hospital to have dressing changed,  to drive the van and take another groups stuff up the campsite and unload and then drive it back to would be gone most of the day. And he didn’t see what was wrong and why I am not exactly happy until I pointed out I can’t be at home looking after three kids and at the old farts as well. He then sulks and says nothing he can do as he agreed Friday to do the hike and already said he would drive the van now on Sunday  and that he wanted to go.  Well a few choice words calling him a selfish cunt and telling him to pack and fuck off as I’ve now had enough of him putting what he wanted to do first all the time, seemed to promote a call to say he can’t come on Sunday and what do they say, family must come first. In the meantime now I’ve got to convince the district nurse to come out and explain that my partner is a complete twat and has no idea what the fuck he is talking about. Oh and to let my dad know that my brother texted me to see if op had been done yet (I left a message on his answer phone on Wednesday when we found out about the op but had not heard back at all )  and said he MAY give my dad a call in the next few days. Ever get the feeling you want to pick up a baseball bat and just swing it at certain people’s heads? I’m fucking drowning here.


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