I miss waterfalls

The sight of water falling in volume is a beautiful sight

There are small waterfalls that only drop down maybe even 5ft and there are huge magnificent falls such as Niagara falls or Victoria falls .
To understand the full meaning of a waterfall
You need to feel the power, hear the roar, peer through the mist, get the spray in your face.

But quite what constitutes a great waterfall is open to debate. Size matters, clearly. Yet do you rate a waterfall according to height, width or volume of flow?

I miss seeing waterfalls, My favourite place in the world is Niagara… from the Canadian side.. the horseshoe falls are spectacular, No matter what time of the year you go.
I have been behind the falls in the caves.
I even had a necklace once from the gypsum? Not sure, crystals mined behind the falls, sadly it was lost and can’t be replaced because the last time I went they had stopped selling them and that was over 30 years ago.

I have been on the Maid of the Mist and sailed in the waters below the falls and I have been on the American side. I have seen them lite up at night with the multi colour spotlights and I have seen them practically frozen.. one huge giant icicle… so very hard to describe.

I would love for my boys to see a waterfall, Any waterfall even a babbling brook with just a small fall but I’m struggling to think of a waterfall in the south of England. Chalk bedrock doesn’t really lend itself to waterfall formation

So I set myself a challenge.. I want the boys to see falling water……..
The closest I have come near me in the south east of England is here

I know it’s not on par with The great waterfalls of the world but for me It will do..

Kearsney Abbey
Don’t get me wrong I love Kent… but its flat…………

I think a day drip and picnic is in order in Dover.. After all I am a member of English Heritage so we could pop to Dover Castle again and make a day of it.


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