Wow a tantrum… How cool is that!

Today Ali had a tantrum…  🙂
Yes I know he is 8 in July and for most kids that age you would expect them to be out of that stage,  but Ali is not like most kids.

The thing is… I think its great……….. 
You may or may not understand quite what I mean.

Usually Ali goes into Meltdown… It may be triggered by frustration, it may be he is in a situation he can’t handle, It may be because he is tired… or Alex has wound him up so much he just has to explode… or it maybe we have been somewhere where he has had a sensory overload..    I doubt many will understand what I am even talking about…..

Anyway as I was saying today Ali had a Tantrum and I was shocked. and relived.  He was asked to go upstairs to get his headphones for his laptop and I had said no ice cream until he had got them.  Anyway he wanted Ice cream..   So here is the deal…. Headphones……….  equals Ice cream…  and he didn’t want to go upstairs….  result  Paddy!
I’m not taking meltdown where he will go into total wrecking mode and will lash out at anyone and everyone who goes near him and there is no real reason behind it so there is no instant cure to stop it..
I had an instant cure today… I gave in… ok here you go… have an ice cream…   Silence……….  one happy but snotty kid.

He had got what he wanted… and thus ended the Tantrum. 

Why am I happy because he did what a normal kid would do…  

And Ali is not and has never been normal, and every day he gets older he gets stronger and in some ways more distant with the world at times. 

I pick my battles……  This one I let him win……


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