A day out and Much needed break at Wildwood

Yesterday  we took the boys and one of their friends William and Shelby to Wildwood.. We are members there so can go any time we want now

They did an egg hunt and then we had a picnic ….

Ali with his rather warped sense of humour kept waving the roast chicken legs at the chickens that were walking around us..  :/


Ironically Allan’s Sister and Family were there at the same time  and we never bumped into them. 😦
Such a shame as the boys would have loved playing with their friend and cousins.. they don’t see much family really as one of their Aunties is now living in Atlanta  and the other one lives in Faversham with her family…  The kids always get on great together…  They are the only family they really see now apart from my dad.

I do feel for them at times.. they are missing out on a whole extended family but it will never happen… They will never meet their other three brothers and two sisters and their family’s and their cousins.. My grandchildren.   I don’t regret the fact that they never see the wicked witch of Broomfield (I always thought it ironic that she really is a wicked nasty old witch and ended up living in a place called BROOMfield..I wonder if she now uses that more traditional form of transport)  anyway as I was saying… My Bitch I mean Witch of a mother in law and her apprentice witch… aka Allan’s mother and his other sister and her family because, if I am honest I really can’t stand them and when it comes to people who go around with their head up their arse I have no time for them or the way Allan’s mum spoke to the boys the last time she saw them at Christmas about three years back now when she spoke to Ali like dirt. and then picked on him over something.. I admit I am like a mother hen… No-One dare pick on my chick’s.  I have never told Allan he couldn’t see his mother again.. I have told him I would never see her again and neither would the boys… I would never have her in my house….   It’s his choice not to have contact with her………  Mind you she has never made an effort to have contact with either Allan or the boys so it’s a win win situation really. 

Anyway I got off track there…
Tomorrow is Chocolate day and despite the amount of chocolate there I know one thing.. the boys will probably still have chocolate left from their baskets  in the little travel fridge they have in their room… in August!!




Ali Showing the Chicken the roast leg

PicMonkey Collage

Picnic and a few of the 100’s of pictures we took today


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