Alex on Soundcloud…Do something straight away




A few weeks ago Alex came home with a letter asking permission for him to take part in an Anti bullying project..
I of course agreed and signed..

Well on the 23rd of May  this went live 🙂

Alex also sings/raps on his own in it

So here is The Songwriting Charity
Do Something Straight Away – Grove Park Primary School

End of Proud mummy moment 🙂

Bonnie and Clyde Soulmates to their death


I would have loved the opportunity to spend time with these two characters, for at least a day. Can you believe today marks the 80th Anniversary of the day the two were ambushed! Where has time gone?


Wouldn’t you love the chance to hang with them?

What went on their heads?

Why did they go on the killing sprees they did?

Bonnie was so young!

How does a 23 year old become so infected with that much rage?

Of course, they did supply the nation with a lot of entertainment at a time when things were bad, real bad. Kind of like today. “They were front-page news, newsreel stars, heroes to those who hated banks and the government, institutions the young outlaws mocked.”

Kind of like today.


Outlaw soul mates Bonnie and Clyde, who disdain arrest and choose instead to die together in a hail of bullets.


Bonnie Parker seemed to know what fate awaited them. While the couple was on the run, she sent a poem to the media, which was printed across the country the next day and concluded with:


Some day they’ll go down together

they’ll bury them side by side.

To few it’ll be grief,

to the law a relief

but it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.


Often when soul mates pass over to the other side, their bodies are buried side by side. However, this was not the case after the simultaneous deaths of Bonnie and Clyde, because Bonnie’s family refused to allow it. Sometimes, even soul mates can experience scorn and disapproval from those close to them, which makes immortality seem preferable.

Personally I think Bonnie knew that the only way they would ever be together forever was in spirit..  She knew that they disapproved of Clyde and she knew that if they were captured they would have been separated for as long as they both drew breath.
True love or utter madness.
Either way Soul mates until the end…
I used to think I had met my true soul mate. someone I would live and die for but now I wonder…

I wonder if I have met them and I wonder If I ever would.



The highs and low’s of this week

To say the last 7 days have been challenging would be an understatement.
I spend the majority of my time now driving the old man around to various appointment’s , shop’s and other places he either needs to go to or has to go to.
I get that he can’t get out now because he can’t drive
I get that he is lonely because he has NO friends but then neither did my mother, maybe is because they spent the majority of their life travelling around the world from one country to another and were never in one place long enough to make friends rather than acquaintances,
I get that I am the only person he has because quite frankly my older brother.  By 7 years,  is a total waste of space who has always made it clear even back to when my mother was alive that he and his wife (no kids ) as he put it to me when I last spoke to him “We Have a Life “.  so although he lives less than a mile from the old fart he doesn’t even call him never mind go and see him..  so that leaves me to do it all.
Apparently even with the work I do, the Volunteering, the kids, House, the pets, the Adult Education, and everything else… does not constitute anything as important as my brothers “life”
What my dad doesn’t get is that I can’t be with him from 8am or before If he had his way till 8 at night, when I say I have school runs and things to do he sulkslike a child..  so that brings me to the.  Low’s.
I live in a house with 3 adults in amber is over 21 now but still does fuck all, can’t even sort her washing or room out, I even posted a picture of her jeans with her draws still stuck inside them on facebook, ok she blocked me but the next morning her shorts with one leg inside out and another pair of jeans with socks stuck in the end were in the wash…. obviously nothing sinks in.
Next time everything goes straight in the bin..  I would say she should do her own washing but then I can see her buggering up my washing machine.. she cant even work out how to turn an oven on using the pilot light, so the washing machine is going to be way beyond her.  The advantage of her blocking me on facebook is the next time she leaves her knickers on the floor in the kitchen,  hair all over the bathroom, and bedroom a complete tip  (ok thats normal but when I ask her to do it I expect to be able to see carpet) as far as I can see now.. Everything Skanky  Is fair game.

Allan has done nothing lately apart from moan and do stuff for the scouts, so I lost it on Sunday. I will thrown away clothes etc that are still rolled together in the wash and Allan can start to pull his weight and put family first instead of everyone else .

All was helped better by some kind words from one friend (he may know who he is) and a visit around to see another friend and a pint and a half of wine, and a good old natter and whine.

I did walk there lol

The highs I received my certificate to say I had passed my teacher training course and that they want me to go in and take some exams on Friday well mock exams and if I pass them I can take my examination without having to do a years course ( personally I’m not holding my breath) but it will be nice to have a day without running him around even if it means I’m at the Adult education college instead.

We have our little visitor back this weekend as well so determined on how his trial run of the hike goes tonight depends on if I can go this weekend. Which was the cause of another argument because after last years hike and the problems we had with Ali this was the reason Allan was organising on this year and where does he choose, down country lanes near Milstead which has some very steep hills.

And here endeth  today’s rant

Footnote:  as I didn’t get to post this yesterday as I was on my phone and thought it had sent I now realise that you poor sods are going to get it all in one go today

So anyway Last night he did the hike and lo and behold… the walk was too dangerous and with hills to steep for beavers to use, in fact I was told that even the adults would find the terrain hard going.

So now the hike has been rearranged and they are going to do it locally and yes I can take the little one in the buggy so I will indeed be joining in..
Well hey I want my JOTT badge to sew on my blanket as well you know!

I so love being able to say   I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!

Willies Willies and Fucking Willies, or Not as the case may be lol

Seriously if it wasn’t bad enough with my dad and his water works problems and having to have a catheter put in, taken off, put in, taken off and again today put back in again. 
Today I spent yet another day at the hospital from 7am when we got there and they took that catheter out until gone 4pm when yes it was put back in again because my dad cant pee. 
Now after said device had been fitted yet again the nurse asked me to have a chat.  She explained that there is no physical reason why he can’t pee on his own, they have done every test in the book and bladder scans.   She personally thinks because he is on water pills because of his heart which left him in a place where he was peeing constantly and on several occasions had the odd accident (generally because he couldn’t be bothered to go) she thinks that he actually prefers having the catheter fitted as its easier for him,  Yes it’s that easy that he even forgets to empty the damn thing and has had the odd accident that way as well.

A Catheter bag hitting overflow in Asda’s is not the thing you want to see…… In fact the only way I can describe it is …  A woman in labour and her waters going… 
That was no woman that was my father………. 

Personally I think he is forgetting as I swear he is getting more and more senile.  I can tell him something like I will be half an hour late coming around this evening as I have to take the boys to a party, or something and within 5 mins of me being late I will be getting calls on my mobile asking where I am?  Or I will tell him like I had yesterday that I had to take Allan to the hospital to the same department and wont be able to pop around in the day but I had arranged for the district nurse to come out to change his bag.  We get back and there are 22 calls on the phone……….  asking… No demanding to know where I am and why I haven’t popped around, and then another one saying a district nurse popped round by chance…
Arrrggghhh..  I have pointed out his short-term memory loss and been told in no uncertain terms I have no idea what I am talking about and he is fine!

The thing is he has never had problems before until the day after his op, If you have no idea what I’m on about you have to back track to the link below.

A week later! Some things can never be unseen!

Anyway as I was saying … Today I was at the hospital all day because on one persons Willie related problems and yesterday I was there with Allan.  Why ??

Allan also has problems.

 I had to take Allan up to Medway Hospital because he has had pain in his kidneys and has had a stinging sensation and peeing blood. :/  so he got a fast track appointment to have a camera poked yep in his Willie and of course that prostrate examination, you know the kind… the one where he really should have at least asked her name first……

I had lived my whole life without seeing a prostrate examination in person and to be honest I could quite happily have carried on in my ignorance… Now I have seen not one person but two have one in the space of a month.

Of course.  He also had to have a camera poked in places no man would ever want… lets just say it stings a lot more when he pee’s now than it did before he went to the hospital.
Again……….  There are some things I would rather not have seen………

Thankfully there was nothing untoward spotted and it was as I had suggested to Allan it may have been… A kidney infection so Man Up…….
I bet he wishes he had now lol

Sadly my dads dilemma will carry on as he has been much to his disgust refereed to another clinic to try and get him used to going without his golden bag. Which means of course that I will be driving him around for the near future… Actually probably forever because I somehow have a feeling that the DVLA are going to be reluctant to give him back his driving licence.