Swearing Alert……..

I know I haven’t posted much really… but had a lot on my mind..
before We went away to Pontins for an as it turned out very much-needed weekend break
some pics when I get the chance…..

Allan’s 21 yr old daughter who lives with us has just told us she is pregnant by the wanker who trashed my car and my front windows and left dents in my front door when she wouldn’t give him ten quid for a fix… because she lives here.. We told her at the time that if she saw him again she can move out… she assured us she wasn’t seeing him any more… he gets locked up for some other offence and got out on April 9th and what does she do… goes straight fucking back to him..

Fuck knows how she is going to cope with a baby she is so lazy she can’t even take her own pants out of her jeans for me to wash them. and does nothing in the house. in fact she was on her last warning after opening court letters addressed to me about the injunction against her said boyfriend kicking him out of the village .. so he is homeless and sofa surfing with other people.. He has been housed before and been evicted so stands no chance of ever being offered another council house. She just turned around and said oh I will go to the homeless mothers unit and they will house me……. Seriously it’s not going to happen. there are waiting lists a mile long… even when I was homeless and had Alex he was three months old before I got offered temp accommodation and things have changed in the last ten years…

Seriously what fucking planet is she on? she is causing major rows between me and Allan as I wanted her out the house before now because of what she is like and he kept saying give her another chance…(this has been going on for over a year-long before my car was trashed) I am sick of her being so lazy and asking her not to do things, right down to throwing dirty knickers on the floor in the kitchen for the wash… I told her she was on her last warning again and she was to do all her own washing.. so what do I come down to the very next morning.. yep dirty knickers on the floor in the kitchen… nice… oh and then Allan gave me a letter to put away in the file…yep she had opened it.. Again he made up an excuse for her… she said her eyes were blurry as it was when she had just got up
I swear I look at here and I want to pick up every thing she owns in the house and throw it out along with her..

I am not annoyed because she is pregnant… fuck I am actually surprised she made it to the age of 21 first.  What I am annoyed at is the fact that it’s his baby…. and she hasn’t denied it or even apologised or anything.. she just doesn’t give a shit..

I feel like she has taken me for a right cunt and now I’m going to be the bad one if I throw her out….. and what makes it worse.. is she is not only NOT my fucking daughter… she is biologically not Allan’s either.. she was 18months old or so when he got with her mother, and on that subject if truth was told even her own mother doesn’t want her back as her husband (that she had an affair with when she was married to Allan,* he was a lot older than Allan*) now is disabled and is now senile so they are converting the two bed house she is in to one bed with a lift upstairs and wet-room, they have even allowed Tammy Allan’s natural daughter to move in with her boyfriend even though she is only 17 funny enough the same age that Amber moved out originally to live with her first scaghead boyfriend before we had to rescue her from him. and she couldn’t wait to move out because Tammy hated sharing a room with her.. and Allan’s ex took Tammy’s side. I think it’s a case of her mother just couldn’t wait to get rid of them.. of course no doubt she would deny this but I somehow can’t see her offering Amber a permanent home if I kicked her out.

I kid you not she is certainly not mother of the year.

So you could say I have been totally stressed out at the moment… and fed up with being taken for a Cunt…… Yet again!  If fact even when I said to her I feel like she has taken me for a cunt she just goes  oh………    I want to bitch slap her.. so fucking hard……………

and of course If and when I do kick her out of MY FUCKING HOUSE  It will be me who is the cunt for kicking out a pregnant girl on the streets……….
I would say end of Rant but I have a feeling that this will never come to an end..





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