Leysdown……….. 1st weekend of the summer holidays..

After out little trip out yesterday we decided to take the boys out again today but lost for somewhere to go, I had a look on facebook like you do to see what was going on and found out that Not only was it Leysdowns Carnival in the afternoon. there was also a truck show.  The Oliver smith Truck Show was in aid of a little boy with cancer to raise funds to get him to the states…… So of course…. we had to go……… 



truck festival

It was also great seeing a proper carnival as the one in Sittingbourne is pants………

leysdown carnival

Spitefire and RAF museum Manston.

Again this is another place where go visit on a very regular basis,   Its also a very economical place to take the kids as entry to the Spitfire and Hurricane museum is free  (and there is a lovely cafe there called the merlin cafe) and the raf manston museum across the car park is only £1 to get in as well. 

So we decided to nip there for lunch today… and of course have a look around..

spitfire museum


Hornby Again and Again… Love Annual tickets.

We have bought an Annual family ticket for Hornbys for the last three years and get our moneys worth out of them with the make and paints and other visits.. I would say we go at least twice a month so I don’t always take many pictures  but this visit was the opening of a new exhibit for the D Day landing.. and what a model it was.

hornby DSCN9955



Art in the Park

Both Allan and I are friends on Milton Creek Country Park and on the Art in the park sub committee helping organise the event,  so were more than Happy to help out and do a smash a plate stall to help raise funds when it came to the Art in the Park event.   

Alex and Ali were helping on another stall run by the Art in the Park Committee.  They were helping out with the stocks…….

despite the rain in the morning and horrendous weather forecast for the day of thunder storms  we were lucky to have only a quick shower and the rest of the day we had lovely weather… Slightly peeved because the promise of help by some to help with the smash a plate stall.  (takes at least 4 or 5 to run it really)  never materialised but with the help of a lovely lady from another scout group that Allan helps out with.. we smashed it 🙂

art in the park


What a fantastic event it was, the boys even found time to go and make some insect houses, and do a few other things that were there… It was a great family day out.. and I cant wait to play a part in helping organise next years… and it will be bigger and better

Kwik Cricket Tournament

Alex is on the school cricket team again this year……… and they were entered in the Kent Kwik Cricket Tournament. 

ok they didn’t win this year or come second like they did last year but 3rd isn’t a bad place…..

Alex loves his after-school clubs………..  Not sure I do because it means hanging around but one thing I can’t say about him is he isn’t active. 

alex kwik cricket comp

Happy Birthday Ali

My Baby is 8……… How the time has flown.

He has gone from a little premature baby ( 3 weeks early so not very prem)  to a hefty thing now…
little did we know what the future had in store for us when Ali was born.. He looked so perfect.
He still is perfect  with some special features for us as well.
despite everything, Being Partially blind, Autistic and suffering from Chronic Asthma  Ali is perfect to me..

For the first time ever it was actually easy finding something to get him as his old 10inch tablet had died a death.. (battery and running system) to he got a new one and because he loves his fluffy dogs as well I found his a case for it….  one very happy boy.

Happy Birthday Baby…….

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