Art in the Park

Both Allan and I are friends on Milton Creek Country Park and on the Art in the park sub committee helping organise the event,  so were more than Happy to help out and do a smash a plate stall to help raise funds when it came to the Art in the Park event.   

Alex and Ali were helping on another stall run by the Art in the Park Committee.  They were helping out with the stocks…….

despite the rain in the morning and horrendous weather forecast for the day of thunder storms  we were lucky to have only a quick shower and the rest of the day we had lovely weather… Slightly peeved because the promise of help by some to help with the smash a plate stall.  (takes at least 4 or 5 to run it really)  never materialised but with the help of a lovely lady from another scout group that Allan helps out with.. we smashed it 🙂

art in the park


What a fantastic event it was, the boys even found time to go and make some insect houses, and do a few other things that were there… It was a great family day out.. and I cant wait to play a part in helping organise next years… and it will be bigger and better


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